Sorry is an understatement

My names Skylar Jane Payne I'm Liam Payne's Sister and Niall Horans girlfriend
The guys have just finished there 12 Month Tour And things have changed with me


1. chapter 1


"EW Didn't no Niall was into Whales"


"he's only sorry for you Lol why would Niall like you he loves me!"




"go die in a hole you Slut!"

I tremble reading through the tweets Biting my lip to stop myself from crying.

Niall was finally coming home from his 12 Month Tour. we Skyped every Night No matter Where he was. He doesn't no What's going on with me though. I've become Severely Depressed.

I'm suicidal and I cut. Niall doesn't know.

Either do His mates. my brothers. his band mates are practically my brothers except for Liam. he's my real brother. My name is Skylar Jane Payne.

I'm Liam Payne's little sister and Niall horans Girlfriend. I don't get why though. there right I'm a fucked up emo slut.

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