Switched. - a potter fiction

Dramione. Set in post deathly hallows... A backfire in the duel between Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter causes them to switch places... so Draco gets to taste harry's life - what it is to be the boy who lived. he gets to live the life of a world famous, loved celebrity and then again... he gets to see Hermione Granger in a whole new light....


7. Unveiling The Truth

The night was dark but the air was just as fresh. There was nothing more soothing than walking the acres of fresh lawn at Hogwarts. Doing so when it was isolated is just the perfect way to spend one’s free time, thought Draco.

As he concentrated on levitating the golden cage above him. The two pretty Agapornis were squeaking with delight. Or anger. Draco couldn’t tell.

Beside him, Hermione Granger walked silently pulling at her blue MUGGLE sweater. It seemed that whenever Granger came near him, his soul shattered to pieces. Like- literally. 

There was the nice li’l Draco who wanted no more than be friends with her (this was the Draco that Granger usually caught staring at her.)

Then there was the slytherin Draco who spat at every sight or mention of her.

 Then there was that stray piece of Potter which throttled him mentally every time he thought about the restricted.

“Lovebirds.” Said Granger.

Draco startled to a stop.

“I mean the birds.” She added quickly. “Agapornis. Muggles call them lovebirds.”

“they are used for Divination aren’t they?” asked Draco.

“yeah. Luna got a bunch of them to Hogwarts. Trelawney needed just twenty. These two weren’t so unlucky. She gave them to me.” She said with a smile.

“they’re nice.” Muttered Draco. Understatement of the Year.

One Agapornis was lime green with shocking tinges of scarlet, Draco imagined it flying, probably looked like a warrior caught on flames.

The other looked more elegant. A pearly white with slight traces of pale blue with faded silently.

 They had both ceased chirping and were resolutely looking away from each other. I am talking about the birds. And the pretty couple.

“I dunno why McGonagall wants us to patrol the fields.” Muttered Draco. He wasn’t complaining though.

Granger did not answer. The ugly locket dangled from her neck. Presently, it was pale.

The locket was a gift from Ginny. Apparently, it told you your mood.

Purple during breaks, Brown around Ron, Blue during classes, Yellow when she answered questions, Pink when she made her speeches, Green when she was studying or telling off first years, Red when she caught him staring at her. He’d been observing quite well though his slytherin soul wouldn’t agree.

“I’ve got an errand to run. Got to go to Hagrid’s do you mind patrolling the lawns by the west? I caught Ron and his ‘friend’ there yesterday night.” She said.

“yeah, meet me at the quidditch pitch. I’ll take tweedledee and tweedledum with me” Draco stated, pointing at the cage, as they parted ways.

Draco vaguely swept a sight across the fields and made towards the Quidditch field. He waited outside, looking around.

 Suddenly, he felt lonely. he had one of those panic attacks where the gravity of his situation came back to him. The slytherin Draco and the stray piece of Potter’s soul reigned on his fear. What was Draco thinking?  That he could be all friends (and more) with Granger under the guise of Potter?


Suddenly he found himself on the brink of madness hoping that he would see Potter or George or someone who knew the real him. Thoughts that hadn’t bothered him before rushed to him. How long would be hide from his troubles. He had changed skin not souls. His was still as dark as can be.

“Potter?” Granger’s voice drifted to him as she placed her hand on his back, he barely felt her.

“you are sweating! Are you okay?” she asked.

“what happened?” she questioned.

“Here lets go sit. You look sick.” She said as she held his hand and led him to the nearest pavilion- the Slytherin pavilion.

“what happened?” she questioned to the second time.

 “Dementors.” Draco pointed upwards. No wonder he felt hopeless all over again.

“you could’ve cast a patronus you know?” Granger stated sceptically. Potter was clearly not a dunderhead like Draco.

The slytherin soul sneered a mental defence ‘Draco malfoy can’t cast a patronus.’

“why are there dementors here ?” Draco asked. He thought they had been sent to eternal damnation or something.

“I dunno.” Said Granger suddenly lightening up she conjured an otter which chased the wretched thing away.


They sat in silence for a while. Draco noted the fresh and crisp grass and the bald and tame quidditch pitch. The Agapornis bickered in the background.

Then Granger patted reassuringly on his back.

Draco constrained the slytherin soul and ignored the caveating Potter as he looked at her.

He looked at her, into the warm brown eyes.

She didn’t flinch as she usually did. She looked back with a gaze that seemed like she were scrutinizing him.

He wondered whether she could see his cold grey eyes beneath Potter’s brilliant green ones.

“who are you?” she spoke in a tone which didn’t demand answers.

“what? How-?” Draco panicked as he turned away.

‘You deserved that’ his slytherin soul stated ‘she might be a mudblood but she’s not a dunderhead-unlike you.’

“I know Harry Potter as well as I know myself.” She said. “and I think I know Draco just as well” she concluded.

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