Switched. - a potter fiction

Dramione. Set in post deathly hallows... A backfire in the duel between Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter causes them to switch places... so Draco gets to taste harry's life - what it is to be the boy who lived. he gets to live the life of a world famous, loved celebrity and then again... he gets to see Hermione Granger in a whole new light....


5. Making History

The genesis of the new Hogwarts was as eventful as ever.


All classes seemed to be buzzing with boastful stories as each student detailed his exploits to the next. The teachers seemed to be in too joyful a mood to teach anything. Some even lectured about their own experiences of the war to the fidgeting students.

Enchanted paper planes, old Wizarding Wheeze merchandise and joyful voices drifted in the air. No one seemed to have problems or complaints.

Draco had just stepped out of professor Biggs’ history class where- names of most students and well known figures from the Order had been incorporated. There was a section for the Golden Trio themselves. For the first time, there was much interest in a textbook. The kids got a true taste of what it is to make history.

Draco had not been able to give Granger and Weasley the slip to go meet Potter and his old self. But he had been successful, in the history period, in finding Potter who was pacing in the half destroyed lavatory where he had once almost killed Draco.


“I erm… gotta go to the washroom.” Muttered Draco as he broke from them and headed left. Weasley followed him, still complaining about how his picture looks in the textbook.


Just then Ginny appeared, a scarlet badge pinned onto her robes.

“Ron!” she exclaimed. “Mum’s been looking for you since ages!” she said accusingly “George’s left Hogwarts!! We can’t find him anywhere!! Everyone’s about looking for him.” She said- her face creased with anxiety. Even then, she looked stunningly beautiful. “You are to go down RIGHT NOW!!” she bellowed.

Weasley simpered downstairs without a word.


Draco thanked the stars and made to rush forward. He hadn’t walked two steps when he felt Ginny’s firm hand on his shoulder accompanied by a flowery scent.

“Harry.” She called out.


“yeah?” asked Draco looking distant. As much as he had begun to like George, he really had to find Potter.


“we have quidditch practice tomorrow, don’t miss it. I am surprised though! You haven’t gotten into a single detention and we are already two hours into the first day!! I seem to be the luckiest quidditch captain yet!” she smiled.


“yeah. right, see you later… gotta go- Prefect duty” Draco muttered and rushed along the corridors and he did not stop for a single exchange until he reached the isolated lavatory.


On entering the place, Draco saw Potter- still pacing up and down, a scrap of paper in hand.

“hey.” Draco greeted his old self. Potter looked up.

“oh. Good you came. I have something.” Said Potter as he approached him.

“before that,” Potter said “yesterday, George met up with me talking bout your-”

“yeah. I know. He spoke to me.” Draco cut Potter short.

“right.” Continued Potter “after that, I went up to the library, and skimmed through the entire column of Magical Casualties.” He said keenly. “and I found this.” He said flapping the sheet of paper.

“what does it say?” quizzed Draco.

Potter handed the paper over to Draco and returned to pacing up and down.


Chapter 394.


Soul Transfer.


It has been reported that there exist a few exquisite potions, combination of hexes and magical instruments which have the ability to transfer souls between the bodies. There has been no confirmation as yet about the genuinity of such pieces of magic.


However, according to BARN OWL university of medical sciences- the result of such an exchange could be permanent and irreversible.

Speaking of which, DR. John Watson says ‘ In point of fact, it is not possible to completely exchange or even extract the soul from the body by any human means. These spells manage to exchange a major part of the souls. Yet, a minuscule part of the soul remains in the body. At BARN OWL we are trying to brew a potion which uses this property. Though the odds do not stand in our favour since we can’t find any actual patients of this phenomenon.’

The rest of the sheet had been torn away.

“so… a part of my soul…” started Draco.

“still resides in this body.” Completed Potter as he hit himself in the chest.

“and vice versa.” Added Potter as an afterthought.


Draco ran his hands through the shocking black hair as he thought hard.

“what are we to do now?” he asked.

“I dunno. Wait for ‘BARN OWL’ to brew us a potion?” Potter suggested.


Silence hung heavily over them.


“how’s my life?” Potter asked breaking it.

“good… Good.” Said Draco, trying not to look at him.


Potter was at the receiving end in this unfair bargain.


“why are you so bad to your mum?” Potter asked without hesitation.

Draco stared wide eyed at him. He did not answer.


“I mean. She’s done so much for you. She’s doing so much!” Potter reasoned. “I think she deserves more.” Potter declared as he slung the slytherin bag over his shoulder and made to the door.

“see you soon.” He added and stormed out leaving a shell shocked Draco behind.

It was almost half an hour after Potter left, that Draco came out. He had read the piece of parchment a gazillion times in vain.


When Draco did exit, he almost bumped into an old, death eater friend of his father’s – Rowle. Draco was thankful that he looked like Potter and made a quick getaway leaving behind a Rowle who as wide eyed as Draco had been when Potter exited.



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