Switched. - a potter fiction

Dramione. Set in post deathly hallows... A backfire in the duel between Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter causes them to switch places... so Draco gets to taste harry's life - what it is to be the boy who lived. he gets to live the life of a world famous, loved celebrity and then again... he gets to see Hermione Granger in a whole new light....


2. Being Harry Potter

A/N: 1.i am soo sorry about the previous post, I posted it without proof reading and there were soo many mistakes!! Gosh… I wonder how ANYONE could have deciphered it!!!

2.I am a part of the Hedwig death denial group.


Being Harry Potter.

Draco , now in harry’s being, stealthily tailed Dennis Creevy to the Gryffindor common room and echoed “mandrake” after Creevy and clambered into the portrait hole to face the Gryffindor common room. On an ordinary day, when the real draco malfoy flourished, he would speak and think spitefully of gryffindors but ever since his fifth year, the events had dampened draco’s Pureblood craze as well as his desire to be an annoying douche bag.


The Gryffindor common room had a warm, welcoming feel to it. Though draco did his best to defy this fact- he liked it. The armchairs were waiting to be snuggled in. the fire was roaring with joy. The tapestries were intricately carved and the whole room glowed in a welcoming scarlet. It was a slytherin’s horror. Yet, a wide- green eyed draco made his way through the common room to a desolate seat by the window. The gryffindors welcomed Harry (technically Draco) like a hero. They had been erupting into impromptu cheers often. Harry hated it- he had been asking them to cut it. But draco welcomed the fact that he was not receiving stony glares or being called a murderer.


Though almost every eye now followed draco, no one made an attempt to reach out to him or talk to him personally. Draco thanked his stars that he did not have to handle any of these over enthusiastic gryffindors and settled down on one of the chairs. The star did not need to be thanked longer for granger and weasley made their way to him and sat on either side.


“Did you talk to him?” asked a concerned granger.


 Draco had almost forgotten about Granger and weasley… god knew how he would handle these two. They knew harry much too well to be cheated. He decided in the best interests of both himself and potter that he would keep his conversations with Granger and Weaslbee minimal.


“Hello!?!?! HARRY!!!” cried granger; her sharp voice startled him out of his thoughts.


“Did you talk to malfoy?” she repeated.


“About what?” asked a dazed Draco. He had never been soo close to her before…


“Seriously harry!” she muttered. “I thought you agreed to talk to him about us providing his family protection…” her voice trailed off his mind. So potter had come to help him out…


“well… yeah!” said draco trying his best to imitate Potter’s actions. “he was pretty cordial about it.” He stated and went back to his scenery gazing. Trying very hard not to hear their questions.


Potter must have been doing it very often for Draco’s disinterested behaviour did not bother them much.


“So, what’s up with you and Ginny?” questioned Ron, eyeing him sternly.


Oops, awkward moment- thought draco… the last thing he wanted to do was get in the way of the Golden Trio’s inner matters… but when you are Harry Potter you can’t really avoid it can you?


“umm….” Started draco looking around for a quick solution when Granger stepped in.


“Ron!” she muttered indignantly “why are you so nosy?!? I thought we talked this over before… harry and ginny will take the decision when they want to. after all we still have two years to go at Hogwarts!” she asserted.


“well, I just thought – now that harry’s back and all matters have been resolved, it’s time that they well… unless HE does not WANT to. In which case, let me just tell you-you can’t just go about playing with her feel-“ron was cut short by hermione who shot off a defense in lieu of harry.


The bickering continued and draco returned to gazing at the window as if his life wasn’t being discussed. Technically, it wasn’t…


Draco managed to not converse until lunch when they made their way down to the Great Hall. Draco headed toward the slytherin table and tried to cover it up with lame excuses but no one had noticed. Not really. For everyone had eyes only for ginny weasley who seemed to be having a huge row with draco malfoy… (technically Harry Potter). Draco realised that it was his moral duty to be there to support ginny in her fight against him… draco muttered a mild curse (not wizard sense…) and tagged along with Hermione and ron.


On reaching ginny weasley, draco tried to make sense of why Harry and Ginny were fighting at the Gryffindor table when, ginny spotted him. She ran up to Draco and enveloped him with a hug.


Great. Get hugged by a blood traitor. Another thing to check off in his list of “MUST NOT Dos”

Get hugged by a beautiful female blood traitor…


Draco’s eyes flickered toward where harry was standing. His face was red and it looked like draco was gonna get punched. Draco quickly broke off from ginny and questioned her concernedly on what had happened. All the time looking at harry (or himself…). Ginny muttered something about ‘Malfoy’ and ‘douche bag’ and then McGonagall took to the podium and all attention was diverted to what she had to say.


Draco slipped into the Gryffindor table in between Ron and Hermione much to Ginny’s disappointment.

“Attention please” McGonagall spoke, her voice travelled loud and clear through the now attentive Great Hall.


“I am pleased to inform to you all that the provisional ministry, headed by Kingsley Shaklebolt has started work in providing to all wizarding families a compensation for loss of life and property. The wizarding families are requested to remain at Hogwarts for a week after which you can return to your houses which have been secured with proper charms and have been provided ministry protection.” She paused briefly, acknowledging the applause.


 “As for the students, the normal functioning of Hogwarts will resume from tomorrow and all the necessary equipment have been secured by the school. Students are expected to collect their timetables and books today and no one will be exempted from classes tomorrow onwards. I will be announcing the new prefects and the heads of houses and school tomorrow. Any sorting that needs to be done shall be taken care of in the headmistress’ office fore with.” She concluded and stepped down.


 The lunch sprung up on the tables before them and soon the great hall was swimming in merry voices- one could hardly believe that just a few days ago, this hall had been a mortuary. But then again, the dead had been buried with due respect and Draco, though hidden, had visited almost every funeral service. There wasn’t one grave in the graveyard-at the forbidden forest- where he hadn’t shed tears and prayed for redemption. Draco had his lunch without much conversation, glancing at harry once in a while to see him seated next narcissa, withdrawn from the rest.


The rest of the day flew by without much activity. The books and cloaks had been collected. Hedwig had been fed (a beautiful snowy owl-that one). A few Ron-Hermione bickering s had been witnessed. He had snogged Ginny as convincingly as he could but the clever girl seemed to notice something was amiss. He even had dinner before scheduled time and finally returned to the four poster adorned with scarlet and gold. At night, Draco took off those annoying, potter trademark glasses and slipped into bed very much aware that he was sleeping amid the likes of Weasley, Longbottom and soo many others who held him in much contempt. It was nice to be accepted among them. It felt surreal.


just when he was about to drift off to sleep- it wasn't the earliest, for no slytherin can sleep in peace in a gryffindor's bed- draco heard george swagger into the dorm. he shook draco and motioned him out. draco followed george down to the isolated common room. hoping against hope that  george wouldn't talk much to him...


"draco..." whispered george.


"yeah.." responded Draco unenthusiastically. that's when he realised what was wrong... George had called him draco. his hands instinctively went up to harry's scar... it was still ther. how did george know? had harry confided in him?


"i know its you..." said george. he did not smile slyly as was characteristic of him.


"how-!?" muttered draco shocked. george wasn't all that close to harry. if he knew it, so did the others.


"i saw what you did the other night, at freddie's funeral... i saw you crying at his grave after everybody was gone... i wanted to speak to you about it. i know what you are undergoing right now. i went up to you, actually harry, and started speaking that's when i noticed that harry had no clue 'bout it... he seemed to be pretty lonely, so he readily fessed up... so here i am." said george with a fake smile which looked like a grimace.


Draco's heart felt a painful pang of sympathy. George looked sad, depressed and all things which could not be put to words. draco could not believe the fate of the ever merry weasly. george was in tears.


draco reached out and hugged him. no words came to him.


'words were useless. at times they are beautiful but they let you down at the moment you really needed them. the heart was as silent as a fish, however much the tongue tried to give it a voice'.


with a meaningful hug draco succeeded in convincing george that he wasn't alone. that he was there... they were all there...


A/N:3. the last bit of george-draco was inspired by a popular head cannon

4.the quote is by cornelia funke (inkspell)


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