Switched. - a potter fiction

Dramione. Set in post deathly hallows... A backfire in the duel between Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter causes them to switch places... so Draco gets to taste harry's life - what it is to be the boy who lived. he gets to live the life of a world famous, loved celebrity and then again... he gets to see Hermione Granger in a whole new light....


11. A/N

Hola everybody!

Thank you for the reads and favorites.

I am going to have a real hectic year ahead. Hence I wont be able to update frequently. So I wanted to tell y'all that I will be discontinuing (or putting it on hold) for this year. I might update something on long weekends and holidays but.. I am afraid I will be unable to keep the plot moving. Don't worry. I will republish this movella in exactly a year. Please read it then with the same enthusiasm that you have shown now. I really wish I could carry on. But, academics demands a lot more than that.

This isn't thee end of Harry/Draco's story. trust me, we are no where near it. Alot of the plot needs to played out as yet.... So... yeah!

I had a good time writing and hopefully you guys will welcome the story back.

Thank You! This is my first Potter Movella and Trust me, I wont leave it alone.


I will check my account at regular intervals so you can place your queries there :D

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