New full

Everyone breaks a promse right???? Well i am new and i have broken all that has been lost i am Moon Cake and i am a cold hard killer and who am i not


1. we never meant to do it

My name is Moon and I am a Cake child. This is how I killed 200 kids all because I wanted to do was be normal.

"Moon Hurry up your going to be late"

"Coming mum"

Cake family had a name. We take kids and kill them or they come our slave. I have over 200 aunts and uncle. I have over 40000 cousin from around the world. I put my crules away and head down. My own family has there own house. We like a army today was my first day of taking my first person. I had seen my mum do it so many time and I have been there. Zoe who was my mum favor hug me. She was 23 years old and would be let lose soon. We never keep them after they turn 24. Zoe has been here my whole life. She had been the first face I sow and I was hoping she would be my last. Her going was making me cry.

"Zoë you can go"

My mum said. Zoe took her bag. Then she stop by my mum. She hug her.

"Your always welcome back here."

"I will by the way here. You have the right to know what your husband did to me"

She hand my a pregnancy test. Zoë left. Mum rand after her. She was with our child. Dean came and pick me up. Yes we best friends but we more then friends we family we have always been family and we got use to each other

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