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Skylar is about to finish her senior year in high school when she and her mother decided to move from America to London. What will happen when she meets a new friend on her first day of school, which leads her to find confusion, love, and sadness?

I guess you will just have to read to find out........... (A Harry fanfic.)


3. meeting him

Skylars POV.

Oh. My. Gosh.

She did not tell me she had a flipping mansion.

I literally sat in my car staring at the house for minutes, until el came up and knocked on my window.

"Are you just going to sit there? Or are you going to come inside?"

She pulled me out of my daydream, and took me inside.

"LOU!! I am home!!!!! I have a friend over!!" She screamed up the stairs.

"Okay!" You could just faintly hear coming from somewhere beyond the stairs.

I am guessing Louis was her boyfriend, just a guess though.

"Hold on. I am going to go get him. Feel free to look around! And if you get lost, just text me." She said whe she went running up the stairs.

Get lost? I thought to myself.

Well, might as well explore!


I was just walking down the hall when I heard someone ahead of me.

I followed the sound of the footsteps as I went through the hallways like a maze.

But it seemed like every time I turned the corner, the person ahead was just around the next.

"Hello?" I called.

Then the footsteps stopped, and then kept going.

That was when I heard a door open, then close.

I walked down the hall and figured out they went into out recording room, where the boys and I practice our songs.


I heard someone say hello, but it was not el, so I just kept going. I found the closest room to me, walked in and closed the door behind me. I turned to see the room.

It was like a recording studio.

Why would el and her boyfriend need a recording studio?

That's when I saw the guitar sitting in the corner of the recording room.

I went to the sound booth and turned on the mic and the recorder, the. Entered the actual recording room.

I picked up the guitar and strapped it around my shoulder and grabbed the pick that was intertwined in the strings on the upper half of the guitar.

I strummed the chords a few times making sure they were tuned, and started to play.

" white lips, pale face.

Breathin' in the snowflakes,

Burnt lungs, sour taste...."


I stood outside the recording studio door for a few minutes thinking about if I should go in or not.

What I it was just one of the guys?

But then what if it was not?

Yes, I am suspicious because fans have snuck into our house before. Creepy right?

That's when I heard the music. I knew it was a girl when she started singing. I swear she sounded like an angel.

That is when I cracked open the door.

If she was in the sound booth singing, she would be facing the opposite direction of me when I walked into the room.

I know it may seem weird. But when the guys and I designed this house we made it that way so if we were recording and someone walked in we would not get distracted.

By the time I got into the room, I quietly closed the door behind me. The first thing I saw was a girl about 5'7-8, with beautiful long blonde hair. I could only see the back of her, so I did not really know what she actually looked like.

When she finally finished the song, she took the guitar off and placed it back on its stand just as it was, an went into the recording booth an turned everything off.

She turned toward the door and saw me.

"You heard that didn't you?" She said almost in a whisper.

"Yes. It was beautiful." And her face immediately went red.

"My name is harry." I added.

"Skylar" she replied. I could tell she was still blushing, as she stuck out her hand for a shake.

When our hands connected, I could literally feel a sensation going all the way up my arm.

Not one of those cheesy moments where they felt the "electricity" going up their arm, but a more unique touch.

She was so beautiful..........


Hello lovelies❤️

Thank you so much for reading this! I think this chapter was definitely stronger than the other two.

Anyways less about me and more about the book.

Will skylar and Harry hit it off? Or will other people get in the way?

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