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Skylar is about to finish her senior year in high school when she and her mother decided to move from America to London. What will happen when she meets a new friend on her first day of school, which leads her to find confusion, love, and sadness?

I guess you will just have to read to find out........... (A Harry fanfic.)


5. Meeting a new friend😁

Skylar's POV.

When he opened the door, i just stood there frozen, holding a trophy.

"Ummm..... This is not what it looks like." I said jokingly.

"Or is it?" He grinned.

I put the trophy back on the shelf, and made my way toward the couch in the middle of the room. As soon as he saw me sit down he came over and sat with me.

"What is your name?" He continued.


"I'm Niall. I thought you were a fan that somehow figured out how to get into the house when I first saw you! I tried to catch you but you were too fast!" He laughed.

" I ran track in middle school, and part of a high school."

For the next hour, we talked, laughed and learned more about each other. He was such a great guy.


I was looking for her for an hour.

I was looking in every room, I mean everywhere. I was making my way down the last hallway, with the trophy room. If she was not in here then she was gone.

Then I heard the laughter. It sounded like Niall's laugh and someone else's.

So, there was only one way to find out. I slowly opened the door...


Haha what is with this door opening suspense fetish?!🚪🚪🚪lol

What will Harry feel? Jealousy? Or will he not really care?

We will just have to see......😯

Oh and sorry the chap was really short😔

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