My Everything

Skylar is about to finish her senior year in high school when she and her mother decided to move from America to London. What will happen when she meets a new friend on her first day of school, which leads her to find confusion, love, and sadness?

I guess you will just have to read to find out........... (A Harry fanfic.)


2. just a normal day..... ?

I woke up that morning, with all of the previous events flooding back to me.

This is my new life, I thought to myself.

Then I remembered that I had to go to school. It is really important that I go because I am supposed to graduate in less than three weeks.

I made my way to the bathroom to take a shower, and when I got there I turned on the water, and closed the bathroom door.

After I got out of the shower I only put on mascara, and let my hair naturally air dry into is long blonde waves.

I wore light wash denim jeans and a over-sized sweater with my tan ugg boots.

When I was done, I grabbed my bag and my keys, got in my car and left for school.

The school day pretty much just dragged along. Finally it was the last period of the day, where I finally met my first friend. Her name was Eleanor (HINT HINT....🙊).

As we started to talk more, we found out we ha so much in common, when finally school was over.

"So would you like to hang out after school?" Eleanor asked with a hopeful look on her face.

"Of course! Where to?" I replied happily.

"My house!! Want to follow me there in your car?"

"Yeah!" And with that I left the school building and followed Eleanor to her house.


Sorry for not updating...... I am so busy!!!! It's crazy. Also sorry for the crappy chap! My mind has been going blank. Once I get into the fourth and fifth chapters I will be able to write better!😁

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