Love Game

Roxanne Navarro and James Maslow have always been the couple in the spotlight, but when James has to regularly meet up with his DWTS partner Peta, things can get kind of lonely. When Roxanne starts to hang around her old friend Riker Lynch things take a turn for the worst for her relationship with James. But will a new relationship form instead? Find out what happens in Love Game!


4. Chapter 4: I Want U Bad

Roxanne awoke to the sound of banging and yelling on her bedroom door.

"Roxanne?" James said turning the door handle that was locked.

Roxanne blinked her eyes a little and focused more closely to the voice behind the door. It was James.

Roxanne's POV:

' James? What is he doing home?! Oh god this is gonna be bad... '

She looked to her left and saw bleach blonde hair, it was Riker. He was all snuggled up against her.

"Riker." She nudged.

"Hmm?" He said lifting up his head.

"Shh! James." Roxanne whispered and pointed to the door.

Riker cringed, this wasn't going to be good. He got up out of the bed and straightened himself out.

"Roxanne are you okay? Can you hear me?" James asked scared touching the door knob again.

"Just stay quiet and maybe he'll go away." Roxanne whispered.

"What happened last night?" Riker quietly asked and sat on the bed.

"You had a little too much wine. You don't remember anything?" Roxanne asked.

"No, why what exactly happened?" Riker questioned.

"Well you were saying weird stuff. You brought up stuff like when we liked each other when we were younger. And that me dating James hurt you...And then you kissed me." Roxanne said.

"Drunk words are sober thoughts." Riker said staring into her eyes.

"So it did hurt you?" Roxanne asked.

"Roxanne we were so close...Then you disappeared for a while and I found out from all the media that you were with James." Riker explained.

"I'm sorry." Roxanne began to say.

"And I know that if you and James weren't having problems right now, that you wouldn't have stopped to talk to me on the street yesterday." Riker said and got up.

"No Riker thats not true." Roxanne said.

"Oh it's not?" Riker said frustrated and turned around.

As Riker turned around his lips met with Roxanne's. Roxanne was kneeling on the bed while Riker was standing in front of it. They stayed passionately kissing in that position, until shortly after Riker moved his hand to her hip and they fell back onto the bed.

Riker was now on top of Roxanne and they were still kissing. More passionately than before. Just as Riker began to move his hand up her shirt, the door unlocked and in walked James to view this unsettling sight.

"Roxanne-." James began to say.

Riker looked up and could see James through his bleach blonde bangs. He immediately got off Roxanne.

"What the fuck was that?" James asked and stormed towards Riker.

"What the fuck did it look like?" Riker said proudly and stepped towards James.

Roxanne ran in between the two, trying to shield Riker from James.

"Stop!" Roxanne said scared, looking into James's eyes.

"Yeah bro, stop." Riker laughed and pulled Roxanne closer to him.

"Riker you're adding fuel to the fire." Roxanne said and turned around.

James grabbed her hand and moved her behind him so he was now closer to Riker.

At this point James was in Riker's face, "You better get the fuck outta my house."

"Don't worry pretty boy I'm leaving." Riker said and bumped James's shoulder when he walked past him.

James's cheeks were red with anger.

Riker walked past Roxanne and moved his hand into the telephone sign and placed it next to his ear.

Roxanne understood and nodded.

Riker walked out of the bedroom door.

James waited until he heard the front door shut to turn around.

"Roxanne!" James yelled.

"I know! I know okay, I fucked up." Roxanne screamed back.

James took a deep breath...

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