Love Game

Roxanne Navarro and James Maslow have always been the couple in the spotlight, but when James has to regularly meet up with his DWTS partner Peta, things can get kind of lonely. When Roxanne starts to hang around her old friend Riker Lynch things take a turn for the worst for her relationship with James. But will a new relationship form instead? Find out what happens in Love Game!


2. Chapter 2: Surprise!

*At the dance studio*

"Hey Willy." Roxanne said to the gaurd.

"Ms. Roxanne, what are you doing here?" Willy said happily.

"Decided to bring James some lunch." She said and held up the bag of food.

"I don't think he's here, but you're welcome to go in and check." Willy said sweetly.

"Really? Okay thanks." She said and walked inside.

She opened the door and walked in, "James?" She asked and flicked on the lights.

There was no response. Nobody was in there. She decided to text him.

To James:

Where are you? I brought you lunch.

To Roxanne:

Whoops sorry babe, me & Peta were starving so we decided to go out to eat. You should of told me you were coming!

To James:

It was gonna be a surprise...

To Roxanne:

You coulda told me, I would have still acted surprised :P

To James:

Haha..Yeah, well I gtg ttyl...

To Roxanne:

Bye ;*

Frustrated and annoyed Roxanne threw her phone in her purse and walked out.

"No James?" Willy asked.

"Uh no. Willy have you eaten lunch today?" She asked.

"No Ms. Roxanne I haven't." He replied.

She set the bag of food on the counter, "Enjoy." She smiled.

"Oh thank you so much!" He said happily.

"Bye!" Roxanne waved.

Roxanne's POV:

' Stupid James. Stupid Peta, taking her out to lunch. Wish he'd take me out to lunch. '

Not paying attention she ran straight into a blonde haired man.

"Oh my god I'm so sorry!" Roxanne said frantically helping the guy up.

"Hey it's no problem." He said dusting himself off.

Extremely embarrassed she said, "Aw you dropped your coffee too! Here let me buy you another one."

"Hey hey no, it's fine I swear-Rox?" He said.

Roxanne's POV:

' Rox? Nobody calls me that anymore...This definitely isn't a fan or paparazzi. Who the hell is this? '

She looked away from the spilled coffee on the ground and up at the man's face.

In shock she said, "Riker Lynch is that you?"

"Y-Yeah! I haven't seen you in so long!" He said astonished.

Roxanne immediately jumped into his arms.

"I've missed you!" She said a little choked up.

"I've missed you too but I think we better go somewhere private, these people are starting to stare." He laughed.

"Um how about my house?" She asked.

"Sure." He smiled.

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