Love Game

Roxanne Navarro and James Maslow have always been the couple in the spotlight, but when James has to regularly meet up with his DWTS partner Peta, things can get kind of lonely. When Roxanne starts to hang around her old friend Riker Lynch things take a turn for the worst for her relationship with James. But will a new relationship form instead? Find out what happens in Love Game!


1. Chapter 1: Pass Me By

"James and Peta received a 36 out of 40 putting them in the lead for this weeks dances!" The announcer from DWTS said.

"Babe! Babe look!" James called for his girlfriend.

"James I've seen your dance 9 times since it was aired 3 hours ago on the east coast. Not including your live performance that I attended as well." Roxanne said looking up from her iPad.

"You're an amazing girlfriend you know?" James said getting up from the floor and sitting on the couch next to Roxanne.

"I know, I mean I'm letting Peta put her hands all over my man." Roxanne teased and pecked James's lips.

"Ha yeah, so babe I'm gonna have to start staying late at the dance studio." James said.

"Late like late for dinner or late like I go to bed without you wakeup without you?" Roxanne asked.

"The second one." James mumbled.

"What?!" Roxanne said.

"Look darling I know you hate it, but this is serious competition. This isn't my usual boy band dance practice this is the real deal. I have to work my ass off if I wanna win. I mean don't I owe it to Peta? I'm her dance partner, the least I could do is stay at a hotel near the studio all next week so I can fit in as many hours as I can practicing." James explained.

"Yeah you're right." Roxanne said sadly.

"Thanks babe, I knew you'd understand! Well better get to bed, gotta start my week of practice off well rested! Love ya, night." He said and kissed her cheek and headed for their bedroom.

"I love you too..." Roxanne said frustrated.

Roxanne's POV:

' What's the point of going in to bed with him if he's just gonna leave again? Better get used to sleeping alone. '

She sighed, grabbed a blanket and turned off the light. Tonight she was going to be sleeping on the couch.

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