After Hogwarts

Two days after the Great Battle, the magic world has a lot of work to do. There have been deaths, fires, tortures... But also hope and relief. The great Harry Potter saved the world. But the great Harry Potter can't help but ask himself "what am I going to do with my life now?"


1. "This is it"

"This is it"

That's the only thing Harry Potter could think. This is it. He had spent almost 19 years of his life struggling and fighting Lord Voldemort. It had always been the goal of his life: defeat Lord Voldemort, and now that everything was over, he didn't really know what to do with his life.

"Come on Harry, you should get some sleep" said Ginny, who had been really concern about Harry since the Great Battle. But Harry didn't move a muscle. He didn't want to dream about him, he might still be inside his head. Who knew what could happen in his nightmares, after ten years of fight. Instead, he stared at the stairs of the Weasley's house. Hermione, Ron, Bill, Fleur, George, Mr and Mrs Weasley and Teddy Lupin were sleeping. There had been a great discussion about the baby, after his grandparents were killed by a muggle under a imperio spell. Harry claimed him, he wanted to rise him and be the parent for him that he had never had, but Hermione and Ron said that all three of them should finish their last year at Hogwarts. At the end they decided that Bill and Fleur would raise Teddy for the first years. "Come on Harry" begged Ginny. But they heard an unexpected sound coming from the old stairs. First, some feet appeard. They both stared quietly at the stairs, to see the body above them, to find, with their surprise, George.

He was wearing muggle clothes, mountain boots and a big travel coat. He had a really big backpack in one hand, and on the other hand he held his wand. He had a determined look in his eyes, but he obviously had been crying. "No..." Said Ginny "No George, you can't leave us now like this, you can't leave mum". But George didn't listen. He approached the door with big steps, with hurry. Ginny ran to stop him, she ran to the door and closed it before he had a chance to open it. "Ginny, please let me go" said the boy, calmly. But she didn't move. "Ginny, please-" "No George, you don't understand. You have to stay to help mum" cried Ginny. George looked at her. His expression changed from calm to desperation, passing through anger. "I DON'T UNDERSTAND? YOU ARE THE ONE WHO DOESN'T UNDERSTAND! YOU LOST ONE OF THE TWINS, BUT AT LEAST YOU HAVE THE OTHER ONE! YOU LOST A BROTHER, BUT YOU HAVE FIVE MORE! I was one of the Weasley twins. What am I now?"

Ginny fell on the floor. She couldn't let him go, her mother would never recover. It was hard enough that she had lost one son, but two? Then, she heard it. "Let him go." Ginny looked at Harry, surprised to hear his voice. After two days begging for him to talk and eat, this was the first time that he seemed awaked, and conscious of what was happening. Ginny couldn't help but feel relieved, even tough his brother was trying to leave the house.

"Let him go" repeated Harry. George looked at him, with tears in his eyes. "But first, tell me where you are going". "I'm going to see Charlie. I'm going to get away from here. I need to think alone. Please Ginny, let me go."

Ginny didn't know what to do. In one hand, she was scared for her mother, and for her. But she knew that he needed to go and be alone. Slowly, she got away from the door, and she saw his brother opening the door and leaving the house. Part of her could understand it. The house was full of memories and wishes.

She stood there, staring at the door until Harry came and leaned next to her. "He'll come back" he whispered. "He will". But Ginny cried, she cried all the tiers that she had been holding the past two days. "It's over now, let's go to sleep".

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