After Hogwarts

Two days after the Great Battle, the magic world has a lot of work to do. There have been deaths, fires, tortures... But also hope and relief. The great Harry Potter saved the world. But the great Harry Potter can't help but ask himself "what am I going to do with my life now?"


4. Plans

"Thank you, thank you very much for that. I really didn't want to do that alone" says Harry, looking at the girl. "Thank you". Ginny smiled. "So, when are we leaving?"

She kissed Harry and they entered the room.

Meanwhile, Ron and Hermione had entered their room. "I can't believe she said yes" said Ron. "It's so not... Her"

Hermione just looked at him. Slowly, she kissed him. They have had their first kiss just three days before, and they weren't really sure where they were. In fact, they had hardly touched each other since then. It was so easy to be friends... They both felt like their relationship was a crystal vase. Right now it could be broken so easily... But it was beautiful anyway.

"Thank you thank you thank you" said Hermione for the third time. "You have no idea what this means to me. I would not want to do it with anyone else"

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