After Hogwarts

Two days after the Great Battle, the magic world has a lot of work to do. There have been deaths, fires, tortures... But also hope and relief. The great Harry Potter saved the world. But the great Harry Potter can't help but ask himself "what am I going to do with my life now?"


3. News

Mrs. Weasley hugged the boy, crying. Percy hugged her back, and then entered the kitchen and sat in the table, between his father and Bill.

"Kingsley is Minister" he said, with excitement in his eyes. He seemed excited, like he was trying to wait to tell us but he couldn't. Everybody in the room jumped, laughing. This was the first good new in days. "Wait, there's more. McConagall is going to be the Hogwarts' principal! She hopes that the school will be ready to re-open the doors for the next school year. By the way, Are you going to go?" He asked, looking at Ron, Hermione, Ginny and Harry. Hermione nodded, and so did Ron. Ginny looked at Harry.

"Yes," said Harry "I will".

"None of the teachers were killed during the Battle, but there's still need of personal. Specially Defense Against the Dark Arts and transformations." Continued Percy. "We still have a lot more to do, but everything looks great. I can see hope"

After two more hours of news, and five times the words "the best Minister ever", Ron stood up.

"Mom, I'm going to take Hermione to Australia. To look for her parents and give them back their memories."

Everybody quiet, turned their faces to see Mrs. Weasley's reaction. She froze, but she said "two weeks". Hermione looked down at her plate and said "thank you very much mrs. Weasley." Ron put a hand on her shoulder. "Thanks" whispered Hermione.

"Harry, there's a person very interested in you. She offered to write a book about your story. You have to understand, there are a lot of confused wizards who don't know what to think about Voldemort and you. Please..." Percy said. "I'll do it, as long as we are not talking about Rita Skeeter." Answered Harry.

"No! This is an old woman, her name is Lisa. You'll stay in her house for a week, if that's okey with you." Percy seemed worried about Harry's reaction. "I'll go with him" said Ginny. "No! You can't! You are not even 17 yet!" Said Mrs. Weasley. "I'll take care of her. She has a great memory, and there are parts that I don't even remember. She'll help. She's good at this mrs. Weasley! Said Harry.

Very well then. I expect you four. Back in the house two weeks from now. You can leave now.

The four wizards rushed upsairs, before mrs Weasley had time to regret her decision. "Meet you in my room in 5" said Ron. Hermione and him entered the room, leaving Harry and Ginny alone in the corridor.

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