After Hogwarts

Two days after the Great Battle, the magic world has a lot of work to do. There have been deaths, fires, tortures... But also hope and relief. The great Harry Potter saved the world. But the great Harry Potter can't help but ask himself "what am I going to do with my life now?"


2. "I'm here"

Ginny woke up with the voice of her mother coming from the kitchen downstairs. "Breakfast is ready" she heard. Slowly, she got dressed and opened the door. Outside was Harry, waiting for her.

"I'm so sorry." Said the boy, looking at her. "But I'm alright now. I'm here"

Ginny didn't know whether to cry or to laugh. With Harry with her, there was still a little hope of recovering from the loss and the war. She threw her arms at him, with joy in his eyes. Harry smiled, for the first time in three days.

Ginny and Harry walked down the old stairs. The kitchen was in silence, and the tension could be broken with a knife. Bill and Mr. Weasley were holding the newspaper, with concern. Fleur held little Ted in her arms. The baby, with a lot of purple and blue hair, was peacefully asleep. Mrs. Weasley was cleaning and cooking at the same time, trying to speed things up with spells. Ron and Hermione were looking at their plates, still full of delicious-looking food.

"George left" said Mrs. Weasley, breaking the silence. "We know," replied Harry, looking at his feet, "he is going to visit Charlie. He needs time alone".

Surprisely, Mrs. Weasley looked relieved instead of angry or concerned. She added "Percy will arrive in a few minutes, eat while you can."

"What happened with Kreacher?" Asked Hermione. The question made everyone smile, the question looked like the old Hermione. Of all the people he could have asked about, she chose Kreacher? But Harry answered fast: "he is in Hogwarts. Helping." He did not add any detail, but it wasn't necessary. Everybody around the table knew the damage that the old school had, and that it will be years before it was completely fixed.

Suddenly a noise interrupted everybody's thougts, and the door slammed open. "Percy!" Shouted Ms. Weasley.

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