After Hogwarts

Two days after the Great Battle, the magic world has a lot of work to do. There have been deaths, fires, tortures... But also hope and relief. The great Harry Potter saved the world. But the great Harry Potter can't help but ask himself "what am I going to do with my life now?"


7. Adelaide

Luckily for them, there were only ten couples named Wendell and Monica Wilkins in Australia. And this time, they were willing to use apparition to get there. They decided to visit two houses every day, so the first day they had to go to Melbourne first. They used Apparition, and they landed in a small street with houses at both sides. It reminded Ron to the street where Harry used to live with muggles. It seemed too perfect to be real. They went to the number 45, and knocked the door. A young girl with a baby on her arms opened the door. "How can I help you?" She asked. "Yes, said Ron, what is your name?" "Monica" she answered, confused. "Oh, nothing then" said Hermione. "I'm sorry". The woman closed the door. "What do you think it's going to happen when you meet them? Are you going to give them back their memories, like that? And if you do, will they be mad at you or something?" Asked Ron. "I try not to think about it" said Hermione. "Besides, they can be dead already".

The second house they visited, also in Melbourne was an apartment in a big and dark building. The woman that opened the door would be around 40 years old, and had a big tattoo around her arm and an angry look in her face. "Definitively not" said Hermione, and they closed the door before she had a chance to ask anything. "Let's go back to Sydney" said Ron. And with a loud crack they appeared in the same hotel. "Welcome back to The Magic of Sydney" said the same man, with the same ferret. Ron and Hermione went back to their room.

After three days they had visited six couples without any luck. Hermione was giving up, even though Ron tried to cheer her up every day and every night. They woke up on their forth day in Australia, on a foggy and cold morning. "Let's go, there are four couples left!" Hermione smile, looking at him. "Where do we have to go now?" She asked. "Adelaide" answered Ron quickly. "You said it five times last night." "I'm sorry" said Hermione. "Don't be." Replied the boy.

They appeared in a busy street. Three men in a dark clothes were staring at them. A woman asked for money in a corner and cars passed fast, drivers didn't look at both sides. Scared. "Let's do this fast" said Hermione. "I don't like this place"

They opened an old door and climbed up a lot of sairs. "Here" said Hermione. She knocked the door three times. A young girl with blond hair and blue eyes opened the door. "Yes?" She said. "Are you Monica?" Asked Ron "No, I'm not. I don't know any Monicas! Get out!" She said, angry. "Let's go, Hermione" whispered Ron.

"Wait" said the girl. "Hermione? Hermione Granger?" Hermione nodded, slowly. "They are here!" Said the blond girl, with tears in her eyes. "Your parents are here. I've been protecting them. You may come in. My name is Rose."

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