When Lexi gets adopted she think it will be fun. But el an Lou start fighting Lou decides to move out with Lexi


4. 1D

I woke up and got dressed in some white skinny jeans with a black sparkly tank top with some black converse and I put my hair in a pony tail . I jumped off my seat for my Mirror and walked to the bathroom . I brushed my teeth and used some mouth wash and washed my face . I jumped off my stool and ran downstairs to mrs Elle . " good morning Hunny " she says and takes my hands . " we have some people that want to adopt you " she says and opens the door to her office . I see the 5 guys from 1D . My eyes grow wide and I jump down " you must be Lexi I'm Louis " Louis says and he kneels down to my hight " im Niall " Niall says and does the same as Louis " I'm Zayn " Zayn says " Harry " Harry says " hello love I'm Liam " Liam says . " would you like to come home with us " Louis asks " yes " I say and nod . Louis walks over to mrs Elle and whispers to her " hunny could you go pack your stuff your going home with them " mrs Elle says and I smile " could I help you " Niall asks and I nod and we go upstairs , he helps me pack and the rest of the boys come and help us . After we finish packing my bags I tell mrs Elle goodbye and we leave . I sit down next to the window and Zayn " so what's it like being 9 " Zayn asks " ok how's it like being Zayn Malik " I ask " pretty good " he answers " ok we know everything about you because there's a list , " Liam says looking confused at a paper like he's holding a map upside down and doesn't know it . We arrive at a mansion " woah " I say walking in " yeah pretty big right " Harry says " here follow me " Louis says . We walk to a big hall " ok here's my room Liam's Zayns Harry's then yours at the very back " Louis explains . I rush to my room which is Pink . There's a giant bed and I see a pink IPhone 5 on the counter " thank you so so so much " I say and hug the boys " no need to thank us anyway get fixed up we are going to the girls house so you can meet them " Louis says . I nod and shut the door . I take a quick shower and get dressed In black ad white leopard tights with black buckle boots and a black shirt . I put my hair in a fish tail and walked downstairs . The boys at on the couch " ready " Liam asks " oh yeah " I say adjusting my hair one more time before we head out . We drive to a house and then we get out . I see Eleanor Calder standing there at the door and Sophia smith next to her . " awww your adorable " Eleanor says and looks at me " thank you eleanour " I say " oh no call me el " she says and embraces me In a hug " el and I live here the room you saw is when you stay at the lads place . You live here with us and I'm your dad el is your mum " Louis explains .i nod " your rooms at the top of the stairs " Louis says and I nod and walk upstairs . My room had a walk in closet and a giant bathroom . The room was light purple and my bed had light purple covers . There was a desk in the corner and a bean bag chair was in the other corner and a fridge next to it . There was a flat screen against the wall . " I love it thank you " I say and hug el and Louis or mom and dad " your welcome sweetie " mom says . I look in the closet and it's filled with tons and tons of clothes and belts and shoes and scarfs and jackets and coats . I smile and hug mom and dad " thanks for adopting me " I say " your welcome now I'm going to cook you and your dad can hang out . " mom says and walks downstairs .

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