Green Eyed Girl

Ariana Sadie Smith has never been normal, and her parents are starting to pick up on it. One day, Ariana is sent to the principals office, being told that she has to go to a bonding camp to try to make some friends.


4. The Next day


ring ring ring ring

The clock on my bedside table rings violently. Normally it scares me awake, but today, I will never get out of bed. 

After about twenty minutes I decide to get up, dragging my hair on the ground. I want nothing but to be invisible today, so I have to dress like it. I quickly throw on a grey t-shirt and black sweatpants, tying my hair into a messy bun. 

I walk into the bathroom to wash my face, I can feel the tiny droplets soaking into my skin. No makeup today, not ever. After a long time of looking at myself in the mirror, I get up and shove my makeup box out the window, breaking the glass. 

I will never be pretty, so why bother to try?

I smile quickly 

It won't be as bad as I think. I will have a perfectly normal life. 

Whoops! almost forgot to put my teeth in. Wow, never thought I would say or think that until I was at least well.... 80. 

Slipping it in I realise I haven't brushed my teeth since yesterday. I can feel the tiny particles of food still left on my retainer as i push it into place with my tongue. 

Be strong, I can survive. Don't cry. Don't fall. Stay strong. Stay happy. 




Tap tap tap tap

I wish Kelsey would stop doing that during class. Now all I can hear are muffled sounds coming from Mr. Carter's Mouth. Like a tiny whisper you can only barely hear. 


tap tap tap


tap tap tap tap




"Okay geez you should have said something."

Kelsey replies. Clearly having no comeback, Mr.Carter sighs and turns back to the board to draw a diagram. 


"Kelsey I said stop it!"

But when he turns around, Kelsey hadn't done anything. one of the student reps stood before me, placing a note on my desk, frightened by Mr. Carter's tone, he quickly leaves.


Dear Miss Smith,

Principal Channing would like to see you in his office as soon as possible. He has some Important matters to discuss with you, come before 1:00 or he will send someone to find you. 


I don't know what this is about, but I'm scared. So much for being invisible. 


"um, pwinciple c.. ckan.. Csaning called for me?"

"Oh hello dear, you must be Ariana, have a seat over there for a few minutes, Principal Channing is just running late with a few meetings."

She clearly annunciates the words principal Channing. If only she knew what I had been through. 

Ten long minutes went by, and all of the noises of the fish tank filtering made me have to pee. But I can't leave. I don't want a bad impression. 

Three deep breaths and it will be all better. Thats what mom says right?






"Ariana, you can come in now, thank you for waiting."



I slowly stand up, walking towards the door. My shoes scuffing against the carpet. Its nice in here, very welcoming. 

Principal Channing closes the door immediately behind me. 

"now, you are probably wondering why I brought you here, and by the way, no you are not in trouble! I brought you here today because your parents are getting worried. About, well friends. They asked me if I had any solution, or if I could talk to you. So, here you are! Anyway, I will get to the point. in around two weeks, 100 different schools across america are having one or two students sent to a camp in texas, like a bonding camp. This school was meant to participate, but I originally declined the offer. But now I know that I should give the slot to you. What do you think?!"

"Umm... It won't be very different from here. What's the point? I mean, even if I do make friends there, I won't be able to see them again.."

"Well, you can contact each other on skype or facebook..."

"What's that?"

"Okay, Ariana, you are going to this camp. it will be good for you."



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