Green Eyed Girl

Ariana Sadie Smith has never been normal, and her parents are starting to pick up on it. One day, Ariana is sent to the principals office, being told that she has to go to a bonding camp to try to make some friends.


2. The Bus

I usually love going home from school, I get to sit alone on the bus and listen to my favorite songs, calming myself down from the pain I had to face. Today was a whole different story because today, KELSEY was on my bus, and I could feel the pain when she walked by. 

Kelsey spent the entire bus ride sitting behind me, pushing my seat and flicking my head. The whole time all I could think of was Thats all she got? So as soon as the bus stopped, I ran, getting up out of my seat, my goal to be getting out of sight before Kelsey started talking to me. 

I spent too much time focusing on getting out, that I never payed any attention to my feet. Somehow, Kelsey had gotten in front of me, sticking her foot out to trip me. 

My binders and books scattered across the floor, papers flying everywhere. Last and definitely worst my face plummeted into the ground, ripping my front teeth out. 

Kelsey laughed, but I could tell no one else thought it was funny. 

"One step too far."

said the girl to my right, and I couldn't help but attempt to smile. Someone finally cared.



Hey guys sorry for the short chapter, but this way I am planning to have more chapters! 

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