Green Eyed Girl

Ariana Sadie Smith has never been normal, and her parents are starting to pick up on it. One day, Ariana is sent to the principals office, being told that she has to go to a bonding camp to try to make some friends.


3. Dentists office

"So Ariana, how exactly did this happen?"

Asked the dentist. oh no. I cant answer this question because then my parents will find out! But if I lie, I wont be able to face the guilt. hm..

"Uh, smon twiped me, on pha buth. "

"Oh my, your problem is worse than I thought, you cant even talk properly!"

"In all fairness she is missing four teeth.."

My mother immediately stood up for me, but I knew what she was thinking inside. Why didn't she tell me? Are there other problems too? Does she have any friends?

"Well, This is a rare case, and I am afraid that I will have to give you a fake tooth retainer until I have an opening in my schedule to give help fix your teeth." 

Oh great. I had a retainer in fourth grade, and this particular dentists office uses your initials as the cover. I can't believe Kelsey will have another way to make fun of me.

The dentist explained how the next opening is in three months, because he had a busy schedule. Fake teeth for 3 months!!! 


The receptionist comes in carrying a perfectly made teal case, with Pink big letters in the middle, spelling ASS. 

I let out a sigh.

This would be perfect, if I had ANY other name. 

I could see the guilt in my mothers eyes, the dentist saw it too. 



On the car ride home my mom asked me more questions about the girl, Kelsey. 

the conversation went a little like this.

"So, Ariana, who is this person, you know, the one that tripped you?"

"Her name is Kelsey Taylor. She is in my class."

"Did she mean to trip you? or was it just an accident. "

"well... past times have um shown.... she probably did it on.. purpose."
I murmur quietly. 


To be honest her loud concerned tone kinda scared me. 

"um. yea. "

"You need help." 

From then on it was just silence, my mom thinking about what she was going to do, and I, trying to figure out what she was going to do. I had a feeling tomorrow would be a long day. 

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