Green Eyed Girl

Ariana Sadie Smith has never been normal, and her parents are starting to pick up on it. One day, Ariana is sent to the principals office, being told that she has to go to a bonding camp to try to make some friends.


1. Ariana Sadie Smith

tap tap tap 

my shoes fall almost silently on the floor, the small sound is soothing, it lets me forget, that is, until I reach the classroom. I walk rather fast, almost two steps a second, but when I reach the big metal doorway, I come to a halt. 

"Please please please"

I murmur to myself while crossing my fingers.

"Please let today be different."

Slowly and uncertainly, I walk in. Pushing my hair into my face as I walk, trying not to be noticed. Walking through the groups of friends, I can't help but be jealous. 

Letting out a nervous sigh, I quickly turn my feet to walk towards my desk at the back of the room. Looking around the room, I see Kelsey, COMING TOWARDS ME. 

oh no. 

"Hey ASS!" 

Kelsey cries out. Everyone stops what they are doing, just to look at me. I wanted attention someday, but not like this. This was too much like the past. 

"Do you know why your parents gave you such a name? Or did they just think they were naming some of your attributes?"

She sounded stupid, it was a terrible way to insult me, so I wasn't hurt by that. What hurt me were the people laughing, almost choking, turning red with the joke. 

But yes, ASS are my initials, my name is Ariana Sadie Smith, and everyday my parents regret naming me that. 

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