Random Writing (2)


11. Zayn Imagine For Olivia

A/N: I kind of forced you into requesting,sorry. Haha:) Anyway, this is in his point of view.

I set up my computer and waited for her stunning face to fill the screen. It had only been about two months since I went on this retched tour. Not that the tour itself was bad, I love the fans and the adrenaline rush I get when I get when I bounce around a stage, listening to the audience boom with cheers. I just miss my girlfriend,Olivia. God, even just her name sends chills down my spine, and thoughts galloping through my mind.


Her voice sent me spiraling out of my thoughts and I grin at her.

"Olivia!" I grin as I say her name. She chuckles, though to me it sounds like bells tinkling.

"Why, hello, Mr. Popstar." She states as she twirls a loose strand of her hair around her left index finger.

I smile at the use of my nickname before answering her.

" How was your day?"

She sighs lightly, trying to hide the fact that she had. " It was good…but I miss you."

I nod, already feeling the lump in my throat form as I speak. ” I feel the same way. I don’t want to spend another day away from you.” She scrutinizes me through the screen.

"Zayn…Are you….crying?" She asks, though it is plain to see she already knows the answer.

I shake my head, discreetly wiping away the few stray tears. I mumble ” Love, I have to go, it is about two A.M. and I have a concert tomorrow.” It was not completely a lie, I just did not want her to see me cry. She nods and before she could answer I hung up.

~Late The Next Day~

We had just finished singing Heart Attack and the boys and I were talking to the roaring crowd. I was still thinking about the skype call last night, the only thing breaking my reverie was the fact that Liam had been poking my shoulder incessantly. I sigh and turn, mouthing a very snappy "What?!" Liam pointed to the screen, which was showing a twitter question. Normally that would not be odd, but it was not time for twitter questions yet.

Reading it only baffled me further. It read " Show us the surprise!;)" Before I could ask what it meant all the boys were pointing to back stage and the fans were howling in excitement. I turned slowly, a bit nervous as to what I might see. What I saw made my jaw go slack and my eyes widen in surprise.

Olivia stood there, grinning from ear to ear. She walked on stage at a brisk pace and I meet her halfway, enclosing her in a tight bear hug. I could hear the crowd chanting and roaring, but I ignored the screams.

"I know you were crying. I was too." She whispered in my ear.

I smile and whisper back,feeling a new set of tears forming ” I missed you so much. More than I care to admit.”

Her tinkling laughter filled my ears as we turned towards the crowd. They were still chanting, most of them aw-ing. I grin and bring the microphone to my lips.

"This is my girlfriend Olivia, as most of you know. Now….I dedicate the next song to her." I smirk as I say these words, bringing her over and sitting her on the stairs as the music starts.

Her eyes widen and she blushes as she recognizes the beat. I chuckle and wait for my part to arrive. As soon as it does I grin cheekily and sing.

"I want you to rock me, rock me, rock me, yeahhhhhhhhhhh" I hold the note longer than ever before and the crowd goes ballistic.

I chuckle and hear Louis mumble “Looks like we know what he is doing tonight.”

Needless to say, the crowd went crazy, Olivia’s cheeks were redder than fire, and my grin was the biggest in the world that night.

A/N: Hope you liked it- especially the ending;)- Olivia. Go follow her! http://1dinfection4life.tumblr.com/ :) Enjoy

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