Random Writing (2)


12. Zayn Imagine For Maria

Zayn was still on tour, and you missed him so. You were not quite sure when he would return home, but you desperately hoped it would be soon. Lately, a few classmates had been bullying you. For everything from being Zayn Malik’s little sister to being “ugly.” Though you were actually beautiful. You sighed halfway through math class, it was only the third class of the day and the bullying was already getting to you. After another fifteen minutes of the same rants and torture, you were at your breaking point. Just as you were about to scream there was a quick rap of knuckles on the classroom door. Your teacher sighed in annoyance, and walked over to the door briskly. The classroom is so silent you could hear a pin drop, you listen to the mumbles of your teacher and the visitor. After a minute the teacher turns back, her face scarlet and eyes wide. “Maria M-Malik, your brother is here to take you home…” Your eyes lit up and you jumped up as the classroom erupted with gasps and shrill squeals. You rushed out of the room and straight into the arms of Zayn. The bell rang only seconds later, and the class quickly scrambled out of the room and into the vast hall. You let go of Zayn momentarily to get your bag and books out of your locker. As you pulled them out and shoved them into the bag a few of the frequent bullies emerged from the room. “So, Zayn has to come and save his baby sister? Ha. I’m amazed he isn’t just taking you so he can drop you off in the middle of nowhere.” One boy said, Billy, you think his name was. You teared up trying to ignore the snide comments. Just as another rude remark was hurled in your direction Zayn walked over and froze, gaping at the words. “Do not ever say those words to my sister again! Or else I can promise you will be dropped in the middle of nowhere!” Zayn threatened menacingly. The boys backed off immediately, frightened they ran off, tripping over each other in their haste. Zayn hugged you tight. “If they ever do that again tell me. If I have to fly halfway across the world to protect you, I will.” He stated quietly. You nodded, smiling slightly at the knowledge that you would always be protected.

A/N: Sorry it sucks.

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