Random Writing (2)


21. Zayn Imagine for Leah

Zayn Imagine for Leah

You were so nervous, practically shaking in your heels as you let El fix your hair and Dani fix your dress. You let out a long exhale, turning when they were done.

Dani chuckles and rests her hands on your shoulders “Lovely Leah. That’s how to explain you normally. Today… Perfection as Zayn would put it.” She smiles at you softly.

El giggles at your blush and adds “Leah, Leah, Leah. So very stunning. I promise you look like perfection.”

You nod and smile a bit. “Thank you girls.. For everything. Thank you so much.” You smiled and held back the salty tears, not wanting to ruin the hard-worked on makeup job Lou had done.

They nod and grin, walking out to their seats as you stood in the empty corridor. Soon enough your father walks out in his black suit.

“Hey baby gi-…sweetheart…” He changes the words quickly, causing you to laugh.

“I will always be your baby girl daddy.” You smiled and leaned up, kissing his cheek as he linked his arm with yours.

He nods. “You ready for this love?” He inquires slightly.

The query had been asked all day and you had always nodded, now you pause briefly. “Yes, I am dad.. I am.” You grin and the music starts.

You walk with your dad, his arm being the only thing to stop you from running to Zayn headlong.

When you reached him, hand in hand, he whispered quietly “Leah, you are heaven on earth.”

You blushed at his comment and mouthed “Ditto.”

T he rest of the ceremony and the reception flew by, in what felt like only moments. By the end of the night you two were on a plane going to who knows where.

Not that you minded. You were married to the perfect human being and you couldn’t be happier.

A/N: Sorry this is short and kinda crappy.. Especially the ending. I rushed a bit so it could be out tonight…:/ Leah, you seem very nice and I am highly sorry that this is probably a huge disappointment….

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