Random Writing (2)


40. Zayn Imagine for Holly

Zayn Imagine for Holly

You had been working hard at school all week, the stress piling up because of final exams. Normally, you had a natural stress reliever: Zayn. But he was on tour, so you had to deal with all of it alone.

You skipped the parties tonight and went home to study. In Zayn’s old varsity jacket, his sweats and his beanie, you sat on the couch and grabbed your textbook. The clothes you were adorned in pungently smelled of Zayn, which helped relive some stress, though not much.

Opening the textbook you started to read, All Time Low playing in the back. Halfway through cramming you were your door squeak. You didn’t think much of it, Andrew, one of your classmates, had offered to come over and study with you. And, since he had a key, you assumed he let himself in.

You could smell Nando’s waft through the front door and to your nose. At this moment it smelled like heaven, having not eaten in a while. The smell of your favorite restaurant even overpowered the scent of Zayn’s cologne on your clothing.

You jumped up and raced to the kitchen to get some. But of course your socks slid across the linoleum flooring and you lost your balance. Before you could fall backwards and hit your head on the floor a pair of strong, tattooed, arms caught you.

“Woah there, love,” a chuckle sounded and you instantly recognized the thick Bradford accent. “Careful now. Stay steady. I don’t need you falling and hurting yourself, angel.” He helped you stand straight again and smiles widely at you.

A grin of your own formed across your face and you kissed him hard, making him grab you so you didn’t knock both of you over. He kisses back just as passionately and when you both pulled away you each had a dazzling grin across your face.

“I didn’t know you were coming home anytime soon, let alone today!” You almost yelled, arms wrapped tightly around Zayn’s neck.

“Surprise!” He laughs again, the sound throaty.

“A perfect one,” You grin and kiss his jawline sweetly, causing him to close his eyes and savor the feeling.

“Now for another one. Your friend, Andrew. He was supposed to come over, am I correct?” Zayn inquired as you pulled away confused.

“Indeed,” You nodded

“Well, apparently he has a new study partner, and so do you,” he smirked slightly.

You raised an eyebrow, “New study partner? Who?”

Zayn laughed, “Maybe you shouldn’t study. Too much knowledge of books made you forget you have a perfect boyfriend for a study partner!” He said cheekily, tapping your noggin lightly.

You laughed and nodded, loving the sound of that.

“Before we delve into the world of school, how about some Nando’s and a nice massage, hmm?” He suggested as he filled a plays for you; he knew you’d say yes.

“Duh!” You both laughed and you took your plate. This was the start of a very good night, and a very stress-free exam.

A/N: So, Holly, do you like it? I hope so. Sorry if its short or not your style. I apologize if you do not like ATL. I hope you like, or love, this. Guys, she and Sky are wonderful, please go follow them: 1d-au-anon.tumblr.com

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