Random Writing (2)


35. Wide Awake

Wide Awake

Liam: “Falling from Cloud 9.” It was all perfect.The pregnancy, that is. It as a bit rough at first, but with Liam around it was almost easy. Until the day you went into labor. Even then it was not as bad as it could have been since Liam was at your side, but then everything fell apart. The doctor came over gravely and told you the news softly. It was worse than labor, worse than being shot, and obviously worse than hell. Your beautiful newborn baby, was gone.

Harry: “I’m wide awake.”: Tired, tired, tired. You just needed a nap. That’s all, but Harry refused to believe you. “You just told me five minutes ago that you weren’t even tired. I quote “I am wide awake, let’s go party!”” He reminded you. You sigh and tell him straight out that you were lying, having just wanted to make him happy. He apologizes and gets you both ready for bed.

Louis: “I’m letting go tonight.” Finally, after three years you told someone, Louis just happened to be that someone, He did his best to help you with it and it had gotten so much better, Today, you decided to let it go and do “the deed” with Louis. It was in the past, and it was clear Louis would never hurt you that way.

Niall:”Castle’s crumbling”A pretty princess party and a sparkly blue dress, new of course. When the children had all left and Lily was up in her bed fast asleep you started to tell Niall how adorable he looked as a knight, but he cut you off, “[Y/N], I want a divorce.” This shocked you into dead silence. A divorce? Why? What had you done wrong? The princess’s castle was crumbling down around her and the queen while the knight stood outside, watching them without trying to save them. The queen crashing from the tower, but no prince was going to save her.

Zayn:”Til I woke up, woke up on the concrete.”: The party last night was amazing, that was the truth. Zayn, the one guy you ended up hooking up with, had made it so sweet. But, now, you literally woke up on the ground, and it was not even relatively sweet. The parking lot you woke up in was a police department parking lot and you had no idea what had even gone or how you had even gotten here. Had the party gotten that wild?

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