Random Writing (2)


34. White Horse

White Horse

Harry: “Say you’re sorry that face of an angel only comes out when you need it to.” “A mistake! That is it!” He yelled again. Next thing you knew he was on his knees, groveling, begging for forgiveness. That face, as he knew, could break me; but I would not let him. Not this time. :”Harry, that puppy face, that “I am perfect, don’t hate me” face, will not work on me this time.” I said as I left, knowing it was for the better.

Liam: “Holdin’ on the days drag on.” Every day was like a fresh hell. Dying of Leukemia was a lot of work. Liam was always there, but it still was not very bearable. The days dragged by even slower now, like molasses. Every day Liam would repeat his mantra: “You are worth it baby, just keep trying. Just hold on.”

Niall: “Maybe I was naive, got lost in your eyes.”It is true, being second choice was not new, but it sure still did not take the hurt away. I cannot believe I ever even thought that you would keep me, love me. I just got lost in those eyes, but I swear I will never do it again.

Zayn: “It’s too late to catch me now.” : This was it. This was the end. Of my story, I guess you could say no more chapters. I left my note and my tears, and lave everything else behind as we;;. Zayn could not catch me now, it was far too late for that; I was already falling.

Louis: “This is a big world.”"The world is huge.." He reminded me, but I just nodded. I did not want to think about it. "I know, but someday we will meet again, promise. And…If not, then we always have the memories." I reply. We may never meet again, but I sure hope we do.


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