Random Writing (2)


16. Whipped

LOUIS: We walked In the door, I waited for the usual slip-squeal and bear hug from [Y/N], but instead I got nothing. I was a bit worried, but not much, guessing she fell asleep or had not heard my entrance. With the boys in tow I searched the house to find my beautiful girlfriend with her head buried In the couch. I rushed over and slowly my hand grazed her back, she moved slightly but not much. The boys all asked if she was asleep,and [Y/N] shuddered and dug her head further into the cushion. Realization hit me, and I shushed the boys with a glare. I picked her up carried her up the stairs, laid her In the bed and told her quietly I’d go get her some Tylenol. Her head dipped a bit to show her understanding. As I walked out I heard what sounded like Harry whispering “Whipped!!!!”

LIAM: “Hey! ”I answered quietly, in response I heard all the boys rambling in the background. Zayn talked first “Hey you coming over, we’re playing football in ten?” “Nope [Y/N] is sick and I’m taking care of her.” I answered automatically. I heard grumbling and then heard the sound of [Y/N] jumping out of bed. “Gotta go!” I said rushed. Right as I went to hang up I heard Louis mutter “He’s so whipped!”

NIALL: We were sitting at the table eating pizza, [Y/N] had just gotten home from a friends. She walked in and sat on my lap. “Hi babe.”She stated kissing my cheek. “Hiya, love” I responded. The boys chuckled,I glanced over and followed their gaze to [Y/N]’s hungry eyes. They were waiting for me to eat the last slice. Watching [Y/N] carefully, I picked up the slice and looked her in the eyes. She opened her mouth slightly, I slowly put the edge of the pizza in her awaiting mouth. With a small pop I heard the boys mouths open. And Liam murmured ” He’s so whipped he shared food!” While me and a chewing [Y/N] giggled.

ZAYN: "Anyone want popcorn?" Niall asked looking around. I glanced at [Y/N] she looked so comfy in her cocoon if blankets. I ran straight to the kitchen and started popping the popcorn. As I walked back out, a now full bowl of popcorn in my hand all the boys mouthed ‘whipped’. I threw a piece of popcorn at each of their heads.

HARRY: We all went out to a restaurant so the boys could get some quality time with my wonderful girlfriend [Y/N]. We had left a bit ago and went to sit in the park. It had gotten chilly as the night went on. [Y/N] involuntarily shivered and leaned into my side. I pulled my coat off my back and slung it across her bare shoulders. She smiled and mouthed a small thank you as I wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her closer. Niall, who was sitting directly behind, me stated “He’s whipped.” I elbowed him in his ribs before kissing [Y/N]’s right temple.

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