Random Writing (2)


18. Nicknames

HAZ: Harry is talking to the boys over the phone, he has speaker on so you can hear what they’re saying. You were bored out of your mind, so you decided to ask Harry to do something with you. “Haz…I’m bored.” You stayed innocently, batting your eyes. He chuckled and nods. “Hey boys, my girl needs me. I’m going to go.” The boys laughed. ” Ohhh! [Y/N] is getting frisky!” Louis’ voice rings through the speakers as the others laugh. You roll your eyes. “Haz, can we play candy land?” You smirked knowing the boys would still think dirty. Harry nodded. “Bye boys.” He hung up and went to get the board game.

LOUBEAR: Louis had been promoting the album day in and day out. The first free moment he has he decides to spend at the pub. You were angry at the fact that he’d rather drink than hang with his girlfriend. Just before he left you walked out,pouting and putting the puppy eyes in place. “Loubear…can you stay home and cuddle with me?…Please?” You asked quietly. Next thing you knew you were wrapped up in his buff arms, under a blanket watching reruns of friends

NIALLER: You were cleaning the bathroom floor, and as you stood up to grab some more soap for the bucket you felt your feet slip on the wet floor. You yelped as you landed on your knee with all your weight. You whimpered at the surge of pain. “Nialler! Come here!” You yelled holding back tears. Niall rushed in. “What?! What happened?!” He saw you and picked you up. He brought you out to the couch, examining your knee. “It’s bruised already,baby…I guess it hurts. I know how that feels..” He chuckled. For the rest of the day Niall was your personal slave.

LI: You and Liam had gone out to buy some more turtle food at the local pet shop. As he looked around at various turtle foods you meander over to the puppies. You look at the furballs play and sleep.

The tiniest white puppy ran up to the window and started yelping at you. You giggled. “Hold on, baby.” You rushed over to Liam. “Li…I have a question…” You started. Liam chuckled and grinned “Go get the puppy. But I’m naming it!” You grinned, rushing back to the puppy.

ZAYNIE: You and Zayn were out at dinner with the boys and their girlfriends. You didn’t particularly want to go, due to the fact that you had gotten a lot of hate recently and it was really hurting you. Zayn wanted to go though, so you sucked it up and did what you do best…fake a smile. After dinner you all made plans to go to Harry’s. You didn’t want to suffer through that either, so you did something that you rarely do. “Zaynie…” You whispered only enough for him to hear. His eyes widen slightly. The only nickname you ever used was Z…except when you needed Zayn emotionally. He turned to the rest of the group. “Guys, I think we are going to skip Harry’s…I’m not feeling to hot.” They nod sympathetically. Zayn drives home highly over the speed limit. When you get home and walk in he just hugs you until you’re ready to talk.

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