Random Writing (2)


37. Niall Imagine

Niall Imagine

“But, baby…”

“No. That is final, Niall.”

At that statement Niall whimpered, but you didn’t waver. He wouldn’t get his way, not this time.

“Please!” He pleaded again.

“No, the end of story,” you crossed your arms across your chest, refusing to budge.

"One more won’t hurt!" He tried to reason.

You glared at him, ready to have at him and snap, but he had the puppy eyes and pouty lip on.

"Ni…" You started, but couldn’t finish. He was just too darn cute.

"Fine! Two puppies it is," You sighed.

"Yay!" He exclaimed, eyes lighting up with joy, and grabbed the two puppies before running off to pay and sign the papers. You followed behind sluggishly, knowing you were happy and didn’t mind that he had won, but you had to keep up the act.

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