Random Writing (2)


19. Niall Imagine

Niall Imagine

Every Saturday for a year you and Niall have been going on dates. Usually to a restaurant or a movie theater. But, tonight Niall invited you over to his flat for a movie marathon. You came over around 8:30, ready for a relaxing evening. When you walked into his living room there was two bowls of popcorn on the table. You assumed one was for you an one was for him,with the way he eats. He kissed your cheek, handed you an old t-shirt and a pair of sweats, and plopped onto the cushions. When you came back out of his bedroom now in his over sized clothes, he had his arms held wide and a blanket ready to throw over your shoulders. After a couple of movies you started to doze off a bit. He realized and softly whispered “Babe, go to sleep. It’s fine, I promise.” You nodded slightly before drifting off into a dream of your prince in armor, Niall. When you awoke it was late. You glanced at the clock as your eyes adjusted to the dim lighting. The clock read 2:30am. You gasped and slightly sat up. Niall was asleep under you, but woke up when you jostled him. “I should have left, sorry babe.” You mumbled apologetically. He said “About that, [Y/N] ,you know I love you and we’ve been dating a year now and well I was wondering…” His voice trailed off. You cocked your eyebrow curiously. “What is it, hun?” He took in a shaky breathe an inquired firmly” Would you like to move in with me?” You gasped and stared him dead in his deep blue eyes. Your only reply was a breathy “Yes!” He grinned like a fool and kissed you passionately. Then broke the kiss for a second he murmured against your awaiting lips ” Good,cuz I’ve already sent the boys to gather your things.” You giggled and elongated the kiss.

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