Random Writing (2)


7. Niall Imagine For Sarah

"We’re going to sing you guys a song! But, I’d like to dedicate it to my wonderful girlfriend,who right now is taking her S.A.T.S. back home in America!” Niall bellowed into the microphone as the crowd cheered intensely loud.

The beginning notes started and the boys started singing Back For You. When thy finished the crowd was going wild. The boys smiled, a knowing look in their happy eyes.

Niall didn’t notice he was lost in a daydream about being cuddled up to his girlfriend and watching mindless T.V. shows. Then the crowd erupted into loud chanting, it was deafening enough to knock Niall back into reality. He looked around and noticed the stares and pointing behind his back. Cautiously he turned on his heel to look to where the fans were gazing. He saw nothing, and confused he ran a hand through his hair.

He then felt a light tap on his shoulder, as he spun about a pair of warm, moist, delicious lips pounded into his. He would have pulled back If he hadn't known the taste so well. Sarah. He grabbed her waist and deepened the kiss.

When he finished he took a deep breathe an asked in a shaky voice “ Aren’t you supposed to be taking a test?”

With a cheeky grin she looked into his glazed eyes and bit her lip,before answering “Nope, I finished and I got an A+. !”

He smiled in delight before carrying her bridal style off stage-ignoring the screams am catcalls-and said let’s celebrate?……At Nando’s!” Her grin widened as she nodded her head in agreement.

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