Random Writing (2)


4. Niall Imagine For Grey

Niall Imagine For Grey

*Your P.O.V.*

Today was the day. I was opening up for One Direction,yes THE One Direction. I smiled singing to myself as i brushed out my long,brown hair. I put on a pair of red heels and a deep red dress that hugged my curves perfectly. A cab came and picked me up. When we arrived and I paid, and then followed the tour manager, Paul, in. He led me straight past the boys on stage. They were joking around and every one back stage was laughing. I watched Niall intently as he jumped Louis’ back, in a game of leap frog. I laughed when he fell.

Paul brought me to my dressing room, where in would stay for the next ten minutes until my rehearsal. There was a knock at my door, so I walked up opening the wooden door. There stood the five boys of one direction, They all smiled warmly at me.

"Hi, we’re One Direction. I’m Louis this is Liam, Harry, Zayn and Niall.” He stated pointing each one out individually.

"HI, my name is Grey.”: I replied as I waved them in.

They stepped in, Liam speaking up, "We know you have practice in five minutes, but we just wanted to say that we ‘re glad to have you here.”

He smiled at me. ” Thank you, I’m a big fan.” I replied smiling back. They left for a meeting, and two minutes after a pretty woman named Lou walked in and told me it was rehearsal time. I smiled and walked out. When I was on stage the spotlights hit me and I started the first of my three songs. A slow ballad I wrote myself.

*Niall’s P.O.V.*

I walked trough the stadium to get to the kitchen. As I was walking by the stage I heard the most angelic voice in the entire world. I looked up to see the new opening act, Grey, singing. She was staring off into the distance, as she sung the world's most heart-breaking song. I looked into her blue-gray eyes. She sung with all of her soul, I could just tell by the look on her divine face. Before I could force my eyes away from her , I was dragged out by Harry. ” You said you were going to get food, mate! She isn’t food!” He laughed at his own pathetic joke, but my mind was only focused on the awe I had seen before me.

*Your P.O.V.*

This was the third week I was backstage waiting for my cue to bolt forward and start singing. Today though, the boys stopped me. “Grey, can we talk to you?”

Zayn had asked making me worry. ” What’s up, guys?’ I inquire quickly. They smiled at each other knowingly. That’s when i realized Niall wasn’t with them “Okay, what’s going on?”

I asked panicking a bit now. Zayn laughed and Louis said “We have something to tell you. ” I gave them a pointed look. Liam spoke up ” Niall likes you.. Or should i say LOVES you!” I stared at them dumbfounded.

"H-he what?!” I stuttered out trying to see if I heard him right.

. “Niall loves you!” Louis screamed out staring into my eyes. ” We know you love him!” Harry added on.

I sighed ” Is it that obvious?”

"Only to us. ” Zayn answered. I let out a breathe, relived. “You need to tell him!” The boys said in sync. I nodded knowing I’d have to or they would.

~ After The Show~

As Niall ran off stage after the last song. I smiled as he ran towards me for our usual after show hug. Only this time instead of a hug i grabbed him and kissed his lips passionately. He smirked and asked “The boys got to you didn’t they?”

I smiled “How’d you know?”

He laughed loudly, "I was about to do that!” We grinned at the boys who gave us thumbs ups. After that day everything with me and Niall was history.

A/N: I hope it was okay. This is my first personal. Sorry it took so long.


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