Random Writing (2)


33. Niall Imagine for Arianna

Niall Imagine for Arianna

I had just lost my job. I was a bit bummed but who wouldn’t be glum that they lost their dream job? So, I went down to little coffeeshop on Maine; it was a quaint, small place; cozy and quite homey, actually. I had been going here for the two years I had lived in London. I got my usual: black coffee.I’m not sure why I like it black. Black is depressing and bitter, but calming as well; also very good at keeping me up at night. I took my coffee and took the only available seat: a booth far in the back: private and quiet. I sat and sipped at the potent liquid steaming under the Styrofoam lid of my cup.

I look up when I hear a voice with a thick Irish accent ask, “May I sit here ?”a young man was striking blue eyes and the most adorable freckles stands before me.

I nod slightly and he shoots me a crooked smile. “I’m Niall,” he introduces himself as he sits offerings his hand.

I shake it with a slight smile his hand warm, but not sweaty,. ” Ariana .” I reply with a slight smile.

” nice to meet you ” he states sweetly causing me to blush

.” pleasures all mine ” I mimic his accent a bit and he blushes causing me to laugh; even his laugh had an Irish lilt to it.

we ended up talking for hours about everything under the sun our jobs (well my lack of a job) I favorite bands why we like it here and the such. Little Did I know, though, five short years later me and the Irish lad would be married without first miracle on the way. And it was all thanks to that little coffee shop on me

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