Random Writing (2)


3. Louis Imagine

Louis Imagine :)

*Your pov*

"Hey,love!" You,heard the familiar voice call as he trotted into the clean flat.

"[Y/B/N]! "You scream as you run towards the taller boy,smiling like a fool. He grabbed you in a bone-crushing hug and spun you around as if you weighed nothing.

"I missed you soooooo much!”He exaggerated grinning like a madman. You laughed and told him to sit on the plush couch for a few moments. He shrugged noncommittal-like and plopped with an audible thump. Laughing as you walked towards your bedroom til’ he was no longer watching and quickly darted out the side door. With a devious smile on your face and your weapon in hand you walked straight towards your unsuspecting brother. He threw you a curios glance, but said nothing. You suddenly sprayed him in the face. He screamed grabbed the extra water gun you left lying on the table and chased straight out into the warm day.

*Louis’s pov*

I was happy as could be, a good casual day at the studio and best of all, I was going home to my beautiful girlfriend, [Y/N]. As I walked through the unlocked door my smile widened knowing she’d run to me the minute she saw me. She did just that, and wrapped her arms around my neck, expecting me to do the same. When I didn’t she pulled back a worried look on her angelic face. Then trying my best to stay calm I asked who had just walked out of our bathroom and was now standing awkwardly in the hall. She was about to answer my long-winded question when I cut her off ” You know if you wanted to cheat on me you could have done a better job of hiding it”. This caught her off guard, for a few seconds before her chiming laugh filled the utterly silent room. Soon a lower laugh yet still similar joined in. When their chorus if laughter ended [Y/N] pointed at the smiling guy and sauntered over stating, "Yes, I did live In Virginia but not West Virginia.”

When I gave her my bewildered expression she sighed, and said” Babe, this Is my brother. You know, the one I was telling you about.” I felt relived but still somewhat puzzled.

I slowly asked “Okay then why is he wearing my Ramos tee?”

She giggled and explained their water war and how he needed a shirt, because she didn’t want me coming home and thinking that she was cheating on me with a shirtless guy. Which I would have, I mean who would want a shirtless guy home with your girlfriend, alone. I shuddered involuntarily at the thought and grimaced.

Her brother chuckled and said” Hun, I gotta get going the Mrs., will be expecting me.” She frowned a bit and nodded walking him to the door.

When she walked back she smiled and whispered” You know there are still a couple a hoses and some water guns outside…”

I beat her to the door, but stopped to ask” And when will I be getting my favorite shirt back?”

She smiled the mischief making her eyes light up ” Never or maybe later, but only if you catch me!”

And with that she ran out the door ducking under my arm. I smiled and hollered ” Next time try and give me a challenge!” Before sprinting after her.

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