Random Writing (2)


38. Louis Imagine for Sky

Louis gets suckered into tutoring me because Zayn’s scary and tough and forced him into it. I flirt shamelessly and smirk and he blushes and stutters because he has had a crush on me forever and Louis has to wear glasses.

I was failing biology. That doesn’t surprise me. Why should it? All I do is ditch that class and throw paper wads at the teachers head. What does surprise me is the fact that Louis Tomlinson, school dork, has offered to tutor me. But I bet I know why. I glance over at my older brother Zayn. He smirks at me and I roll my eyes. Everyone knows Louis has the biggest crush on me, so Zayn thought he would play with him and force him into tutoring me so I would have to deal with Louis and his antics. ************************ Louis was in my kitchen, flipping through a textbook as he copied down the notes I missed, which was all of them. I was hiding out in the bathroom. Well, not really hiding out. See, if Zayn could mess with me and get Four Eyes to tutor me, then I would just flirt with Louis until he left. Once I am all done up and way too hot for a study session I walk out and sit next to Louis, my cleavage practically touching his face as I lean over his shoulder to read the notes. He shutters and turns, blushing redder than my lipstick. This causes me to laugh and he blushes harder. “S-Sky… We-we have to work on this if you want to stop failing..” Louis mutters out quietly and I laughs again. “Yeah yeah, sure,” I say in response. As Louis starts to explain something about cells I start trailing my sharp nails up his shoulder slowly, his face heating up again. Before he can say anything I cut him off, “You know, those glasses make you look like Superman.” He blushes and shakes his head, stuttering out, “The lesson, S-Sky.” I rolled my eyes and continued complimenting him on everything. At one point I even pull him closer by his collar, excusing it by saying I was trying to see the alleles, invisible or not. I then looked down his open shirt and commented on his smoking six pack, which I didn’t know a geek like him could posses. After another hour or so of me leaving a lipstick trail up and down his neck and jawline he groaned and roughly asked, “Why can’t you just stop and try to learn?” “Why can’t you just stand up for yourself, nerd?” I snipped back, smirking to myself at my quick comeback. “Oh I can,” he started, apparently I had snapped his last nerve, “Yes, its true I like you and I don’t mind you sucking my neck because its hot and I so want you to do it. But, I am now your tutor, whether I was forced into it or not, and that means you will learn one thing before I leave! I don’t care how long it takes! I will not give in!” He yells and his glasses fog up so he throws them off. Damn, he looked hot without glasses. His little fit was kind of hot. He stood up for himself and it was a new side of Louis. A side I like, a side I can bring out. “Fine then, Louis. But this first,” I then kiss him passionately. When I pull away he’s breathless and grinning. “You like me?” He asks, a bit wary. I just nod and kiss him again before we continue the lesson. But not without continuos kiss breaks. Maybe Zayn did me a favor instead of ruining my Friday night. A/N: Hope you likes this Sky! I hope its okay:/ Love ya. Go follow her rp account and ask for her personal!!! 1d-au-anon.tumblr.com

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