Random Writing (2)


22. Louis Imagine for EMALEIGH

She trudged through the door and kicked her shoes off forcefully, causing me to worry a bit.

“Emaleigh?” I asked quietly.

She looked at me, staying quiet as I gave her a once over.

“Aww…love…” I raced over and pulled her into a tight hug, only pulling away when she yelped quietly.

“Oops… Sorry baby..” I mumble apologetically.

She just nods in response, clearly upset over her lost karate competition. An idea pops into my head.

“Relax on the couch for a sec.” I say hurriedly and motion to the couch as I run down the hall and up the stairs.

I run into the large bathroom and turn on the hot water for the tub, pouring in way to much bubble bath. “Not like it matters. She likes bubbles.” I grin and toss some rose petals on top, lighting a few candles and smiling at the result.

“Perfection.” I mumble as I race back downstairs. Emaleigh was still sitting on the couch, fiddling with her bandages fingers, staring straight at the blank tv.

Seeing her this upset broke my heart and I jogged over, scooping her up in my arms much to her surprise.

”Loueh! ” She screeched and I chuckled, walking upstairs briskly as I held her bridal style.

I walked into the sweet-smelling bathroom and set her on the ground. As she stared in awe and shock I stripped and carefully peeled her clothing off her.

I picked her up again and gently set her in the steaming tub, climbing in behind her and I started to massage her shoulders.

”Lou…. You d-don’t have to do this…” She said softly, but I could tell she was loving every second of this.

I smirked and kissed the side of her neck as I massaged down her back “I know, but I want to.”

She nodded and it was quiet for the remainder of the bath. I finally picked her up when she started to doze off, draining the tub and wrapping us both up in towels as I walked to our shared bed. I dressed her in her underwear and my old t-shirt, pulling boxers on myself before cuddling into her side.

She smiled and looked at the screen of the flat screen tv as I put on her favorite move, “Napoleon Dynamite.”

She cuddled into my side and I wrap one arm around her. “Thank you Loueh. You’re the best.”

I roll my eyes and kiss her temple. “Anything for you Emaleigh.”

We stayed like this for a while, me glancing at her a lot. By the end of the movie she was fast asleep, smiling peacefully.

“Night precious.” I grin and kiss her forehead, snuggling into her and falling asleep as well.

A/N: EMALEIGH rocks!!!!!!!!!!!! This imagine…does not, It does not do this wonderful girl justice. For that I am sorry. Per usual, go follow her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! http://quinnjjones.tumblr.com/

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