Random Writing (2)


14. Liam Imagine

You and Liam had gone out to a late movie, and you ha promised your dad you’d be back by ten P.M. It was now midnight and after a few dozen photo booth pictures, a couple kisses, a movie, ice cream and dinner Liam was driving you home.

Or so you thought. You were as nervous as could be, knowing your father could take away any privileges to go out with Liam, or so anything of the sort. You were constantly fiddling with your fingers and biting your lips raw. Liam noticed and decided to take a unplanned detour.

“Liam! What the heck!? I have to be home!” You practically screeched as he pulled into a deserted parking lot.

“Believe me. I know.” He smirks as he climbs out, rushing around to open your door as always.

You were about to speak when you caught sight of where you were. Mary’s ice cream shoppe. The same parlor you had your first date, first kiss, also the place you met Liam.

“Liam…what are we doing here?” You looked at the dark, empty parking lot and then to the barren building.

When you looked at him he was smirking, eyes darkening. “Li?….” You asked hesitantly before adding “I need to get home…”

He nods, his accent thicker than normal “I know. But….” He pauses as he strides forward, the space shrinking as his body shoves you against the hood of his car. “This first.”

Before you could ask what he was doing his lip were smashed against yours. You kisses back instinctively and burrowed your hands in his fluffy hair. You stayed like this for a while, him occasionally pushing you up further on the hood as the evening grew colder.

You ignored your ringing phone and the sweat cascading down the back of your neck, the only thought in your mind being Liam.

After another two hours Liam finally drove you home…needless to say your dad was rage filled. He grew furious when he saw your disheveled hair, the crooked clothing and the smudged lipstick. Liam sped away as your dad glared.

“No Liam for two weeks.” He stated as you skipped lightly upstairs. He was going easy on you, and you knew why. Leather jackets and open windows on his mind.

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