Random Writing (2)


25. Liam Imagine, Part 1.

I was walking through the lobby,trying to ignore the deafening screams of the girls outside the glass doors. I saw one tall brunette haired boy with a buzz cut,walking straight torwards me. I didn’t think much of it until he put his hand up. Then I noticed he looked extremely pale, with a kind of greenish tint Worried, I was about to ask if he was okay. Just as the words came out of my mouth, he opened his and a spew of what used to be his lunch hit me straight in the chest. I was grossed out but didn’t have much time to be shocked, because suddenly four boys ran over and grabbed him to support him. They started to walk away, when I heard his weak mumbling “Wait what about that girl?” They just pushed him forward him shuffling awkwardly along with them.

A bell hop had grabbed me a towel to clean until he could find a room avalbile. Then one of the boys that had pushed the sick one away ran up. He had curly hair and glistening green eyes.”Wait, come with me please!”He had a pleading look on his tan face.

” Why?” I questioned getting suspicious. He just gave me a deteriorated look. I sighed and nodded. He ran, me following sluggishly behind.

We stopped at a room numbered E318. I shot him a confused look. He just nodded and walked in.

The other three boys were sitting there with pleased looks on there calm faces. They handed me a stack of clothes and pointed to a door on the far right of the room. I was confused but walked over. Revalation hit the minute I opened the door.

*……. A Bit Later…… *

I smiled as I walked out to see the unfamiliar faces of these four boys. The clothes were comfy, a large tee a pair of old sweats. They all smiled brightly and started to talk. ” Okay, well I’m Harry,” The curly haired one stated,” This is Zayn, Louis, and Niall.” He stated pointing to the tattoo covered lad,the one with a cheeky smile and suspenders, and a blonde bloke with a light-hearted grin.

“Hi.”I smiled “I’m [Y/N].” I stated whole-heartedly.

” I’m sorry about Liam he didn’t feel well but refused to admit it, I promise he didn’t mean to get sick on you”. The one I remembered as Niall stated with a heavy Irish accent.

I smiled and nodded “I figured as much, it’s no biggie really.”

“Go talk to Liam he probably feels so bad…..” Zayn said. I nodded,walking to the door they told me was Liam’s.

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