Random Writing (2)


1. Just the Way You Are

LIAM: (her hair falls perfectly without her trying) [Y/N] had just woken up and came out of our shared bedroom. I opened my arms as she crawled into them.I smiled and kissed the top of her head, but she mumbled “Don’t do that it already looks like a mess.”I chuckled and started to sing”Her hair,her hair falls perfectly without her trying…..’

LOUIS: (when she smiles the while world stops and stares for awhile) [Y/N] smiled and started giggling at my joke.I stared at her across the table at dinner. She noticed and laughed while saying” Stop staring you fool.” I chuckled and stated “Ok but, the rest of the world is.”

NIALL: (her eyes make the stars look like they’re not shining) I watched her gaze at the stars up above. She leaned her head against my chest and sighed in content. I looked at her eyes, they shined so bright I was amazed she even liked the stars.they were dull in comparison to her lovely eyes.

ZAYN: ( you know when I compliment her she won’t believe me) We were heading out to the Brits,but as usual [Y/N] was nervous about her looks and was constantly asking if she looked okay. I kept saying “babe you look jaw-droopingly beautiful as always” she’d shake her head and I made it my mission to one day be able to show her how wonderful she really was.

HARRY:(her laugh she hates when I think its so sexy) [Y/N] burst in to loud laughter as the man on the telly fell off the boat. I stared at her, at amazed that such a beautiful sound was real. Then I wondered how i’d missed this before,now I knew and wouldn’t take it for granted.

A/N: k this may be bad its my first ever written piece so um yeah….

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