Random Writing (2)


26. Jump Then Fall

Harry knew that you had been hurt in the past. So, he didn’t expect you to fully trust him at the start of your relationship. But, after a few months, you had still yet to let him in completely. It’s not that he minded, it was just frustrating that you still were weary that he would hurt you. He just wanted you to not be afraid to jump then fall into this relationship. He knows he wouldn’t hurt you, he can’t. He had already fallen in love.


Baby, I’m never gonna leave you, say you wanna be with me too. Cuz, I’m gonna stay through it all.

You had just lost your best friend. The person that knew everything about you, even more than Zayn did. As you cried he held you, even when you told him to just leave. When you had finally calmed down and could get words out you asked why he stayed. He simply said “Baby, I’m never going to leave you. I may only be another friend, but I’m going to stay through it all. Say you want to be with me too.” You nodded and fell asleep on his chest. The start of something more than friendship.


I like the way your hair falls in your face. You got the keys to me. I love every freckle on your face

Niall loved everything about you. Every. Little. Thing. Most of all though, he liked was how your hair fell in your face. It never stayed where you put it. He thought it was hilarious, especially when you pouted and scrunched up your face and tried to blow it away. It always made him laugh. It also made the freckles more prominent on your silky skin, another thing he loved so much. It was like you had the keys to his heart, and he loved that as well.


The bottoms gonna drop out from under our feet, I’ll catch you. When people say things that bring you to your knees I’ll catch you. The time is gonna come when you’re so mad you could cry I’ll hold you through the night ‘till you smile.

When you lost family or friends Liam was there to hold you up so you didn’t fall to the ground and cry. The same for when the hate got too bad. When it all became too much Liam kept you strong. He was your rock. Even when you got into the worlds biggest fight with your brother and you wanted to just cry and scream you were so mad he pulled you into a bear hug. He made cheesy jokes, some worse than Harry’s, and told you stories about some wild adventures with the boys. By the end of the night you smiled, falling asleep in his warm embrace, comforted by the fact that even now he could make you feel better.

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