Random Writing (2)


36. Jet Lagged

Jet Lagged

Liam: “You say good morning when its midnight.”: Being away from each other was undoubtedly hard. Between concerts and sleep there was barely any time to call you. Although, this was worse than any hell Liam could be damned to, what really killed him was the fact that when he called you at midnight you would answer with a tired, “Good morning.” It hurt knowing that he was so far away you were in a completely different time zone altogether.

Niall:”Drivin’ me mad, miss you so bad.”I literally felt like I was going insane. It was like one more day away from her would and could, kill me. I didn’t actually doubt it, I believed I would die I went another minute without her. I was going mad, I guess that is what happens when the thing you love the most is thousands of miles away. God, I miss her so bad.

Harry:”Heart, heart, heart is so jet lagged.”:Waking up again this morning was as hard as I expected it to be. I missed [Y/N] so bad, it;s like living in a fantasy world, but with an extra large heaping of hell mixed in. I am jet lagged beyond belief, my body cannot deice whether to sleep or bounce around like a three year old on a sugar rush. In this case, though, I don’t think it’s just my body that is jet lagged. My heart is as well. Full of love and weeping because I miss her, but loving the fans and knowing this is my job. My heart is so jet lagged and I am amazed it is still beating.

Zayn:”Waitin’ for the phone to ring”: I have been waiting all night for my stupid phone to ring. Jumping up every time it does with renewed hope, but I always end up disappointed. I was waiting desperately for Zayn to call, it is hard being away from my fiance. At two A.M. I give up and just go to sleep. When I awake again the next afternoon I have eight missed calls, thirty texts, and five voice mails; all from Zayn. He hadn’t gotten time to call. I wasn’t angry at him, just upset. It was getting lonely living upside down.

Louis:”I keep your picture in my car I hate the thought of you alone.”:Louis had a picture from Tyler and Samantha’s last birthday in his car. You hugging the twins with a wide grin. They were now twenty-two, so both were in college and rarely home. Normally, that was just a bit saddening, but due to the fact that your house had recently been robbed Louis hated the thought of you alone, it killed him with worry. He he just wanted to be home with you and that was all. Of course, he couldn’t be, though. He was on tour and would be for another five months, and you were stuck at home taking care of your pregnant sister who refused to allow you on tour with your husband.

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