Random Writing (2)


15. Injured


NIALL: He rushed straight home to see you lying on the couch, leg propped up on a plump pillow, watching mindless cartoons. He blocked your view, when he grabbed your hand kissing the knuckles repeatedly. He mumbled “Are you okay? Do you need a doctor!?” His frantic eyes caught your attention, so you said calmly “Babe I’m fine, it’s a turned ankle.” He started to speak but you cut him off. ” I know your worried, and I love that you care so much, but it was my fault and I’m fine.” He calmed a bit before quickly adding ” Tell me exactly what happened!” His demand shook your calm facade a bit but you moved on anyway. ” I was being dumb and decided to jump off the pier into the water -which by the way was COLD- and I didn’t listen to Louis’ warnings. I should have, I jumped off the edge of the dock into the shallow end by mistake. I just got a twisted ankle and Louis carried me home, it could have been a lot worse. I’m sorry.” You were reluctant to see his reaction,knowing how protective he gets. When you looked up though,you were pleasantly surprised to see him hugging Louis and thanking him.

LOUIS: You and your friends had been playing what you guys call baseball. It’s the basics of baseball and tag all in one, you loved playing this game and you and your friends did this all the time. Now here you were biting your lip so hard it might bleed just to keep from letting the salty water run down your sweaty cheeks. Louis came rushing over, pulling you gently into his warm embrace as your friend, Natalie, called 911 requesting and ambulance. After your short trip to the hospital,and one hot pink cast later here you sat once again on Louis’ lap. The boys laughed at your tale. Though you and Louis kept changing the details from what really happened to the craziest ideas you could come up with. The one they heard was, you and Louis were fighting dragons over in your castle in Neverland, when suddenly the evil witch Belinda grabbed you from behind, flinging you straight to the ground. Even with a broken wrist you got up and fought her evil minions with one hand and a sword. Louis then rushed you to the ER to make sure you were okay. You two grinned like mad the whole time you told this fabricated tale, which was just what “Dr.” Louis recommended for you to get better the fastest.

HARRY: You weren’t really injured. It was just a stomach ache, from eating to many gummy bears, too fast. Even though you explained that to Harry he still insisted on taking care of you. You allowed him to, knowing he was just trying to be helpful. After a warm bath and some medicine you two cuddled on the couch. Harry asking every ten minutes if you were okay. Your answer never wavered ” Yes, Harry I’m fine. I love you!”

LIAM: Liam felt so bad. You had broken a rib when he brought you to box at the gym with him. You kept telling him it was fine. He refused to believe you,though, and kept asking If you were okay. After reassuring him for the twentieth time in seven minutes you spoke up “Li, babe I’m fine. Really. I love that you care,but I’m okay!” He nodded embarrassed and kissed your head apologizing

ZAYN:”Oh,baby. I’m so sorry.” Zayn said as he helped you inside. You and the boys had been playing football and you had dislocated your shoulder. You sat down om the couch, trying not to smile as Zayn ran around grabbing you pillows and drinks. Finally, aggravated that he wouldn’t just sit and cuddle, you shouted ” Zayn, i’m fine! Now, come snuggle with me!” He did just that.

A/N:Sorry,they got shorter i ran out of ideas….

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