Random Writing (2)


10. Imagine For Zarhi

Three months. Three months Liam had been on tour…you missed him immensely, but the worst part was that prom was tomorrow night,and he wasn’t going to be home to take you. You and a small group of friends were going,but you still wished Liam was there.

Later that day your friend,Madison, came over and picked you up for a shopping spree. After three hours of being silly and dancing in dressing rooms, you found the perfect dress, long white and sleeveless. It was glorious. You even found one in your size! Madison found a blue one, that fit her perfectly.

She dropped you off at home, and you did the usual Skype “date” with Liam. He apologized profusely for not being there,but you shrugged it off, hiding the hurt.

~ The next day ~

The limo you and your friends rented arrived at the large building, rented for prom. You climbed out, and walked in. You were happy, even though Liam wasn’t there.

About halfway through prom, your friends were on the dance floor “getting their groove things on”. You sat at a small table,sipping punch, and rereading texts Liam had sent you today.

Suddenly, the lights dimmed even more, and the music came to a halt. There was a collective groan, and some shouts. You looked up startled, but your view was blocked by the herd of people. You stood up, wishing you could see. The microphone screeched, the sound piercing the air, and everyone groaned.

“Hello….is Zarahi here?” A familiar voice asked?

There was cheers, and a gasp from you. You stood frozen until Madison shoved you toward the stage. The crowd parted and you walked down, ignoring the eyes boring into your back,most of them jealous.

You go to the stage, and was helped up. Liam stood there, grinning from ear to ear. You grinned, shocked.

“Surprise!” Liam yells smiling.

“Defiantly!” You smile and practically run over to hug him, almost falling in your heels.

He grabbed you, hugging you to his chest. After a minute-and quite a few catcalls, and dog whistles- you pulled away grinning.

“I missed you…” You mumbled.

“I missed you more,baby doll.” He retorted.

Just as you were about to ask if he wanted to leave, he grabbed your hand. The lights turned dim and soft, and a low calming song started playing in the background. You looked at Liam confused but, he just smiled. Next thing you knew, Liam was on one knee in front of you, pulling something out of his pocket.

“Baby girl, we have been dating for almost five years, and I cannot wait another moment. I love you, and I was wondering if you would make me the happiest man in the universe, and…marry me?” He looked hopeful, yet weary.

Your eyes widened, and you started crying. You nodded vigorously.

” I would be an idiot not to!”

You grinned at each other and kissed passionately. There was loud applause, and you pulled away.

“Stay. We are going to dance.”

You nodded, the song turning softer,familiar.

Liam held you close,slipping the cool ring onto your finger. You two started swaying, and Liam sing Little Things in your ear gently.

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