Random Writing (2)


2. He Takes Care of You When You're Sick

LIAM:I heard a loud gasp and jolted up. I looked first at the clock,which read 2:00am, then to the right side of the bed where I had left my sleeping girlfriend to dream. She was curled up in a ball holding her head. Silently I grabbed her waist and massaged what she wasn’t hiding of her temple. She eased her grip as she snuggled deeper into my comforting palm, slowly drifting back to dreamland.

NIALL: I had jut gotten home from a day at the studio. I walked straight into the bedroom expecting to find my girlfriend [Y/N] reading,or waiting for me to arrive. Instead I found her breathing heavily under a thick winter blanket. I walked out to the kitchen grabbed some medicine and my guitar,knowing she finally came down with the cold all her co-workers had. Prepared to sing her to sleep while the medicine did its designated job,I walked into the dimly lit room once again.

ZAYN: [Y/N] had been sick all week,but had refused to admit it,so when i caught her tossing out the full plate of food she said she ate I knew It was time for a relaxing evening. I put her gently on the couch ignoring her weak protests and walked into the bathroom to make her a warm bath. When I was done, against her will, I picked her up an carried her wriggling body to the tub. I put her shivering form into the scalding water, after removing her clothing and sang soft tunes as I massaged her achy joints.

HARRY: Niall had decided to take my girlfriend, [Y/N] out to a new restaurant last night. It was fine, until midnight, when I woke to the bed jolting. I bolted up just in time to grab her hair as the contents of her stomach emptied into the porcelain bowl. When I had her cleaned upour, with a cool rag on her clammy forehead, and tucked nicely back into bed, I called the studio and told them I wouldn’t be coming tomorrow. I was going to be spending the entire day taking care of my poor baby.

LOUIS: I had gotten a call from UNI that [Y/N] had left early due to sickness. I rushed home from the studio. I walked into the flat quietly and found her lying in bed one hand clutching her head the other wrapped securely around her abdomen. I lifted her head carefully and slid my down pillow under her limp neck, it felt like laying on a cloud so it should help. Then ever-so carefully, I massaged her stomach being as careful not to hurt her as if she was a china doll.

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