Random Writing (2)


5. Harry Tour Bus Imagine

You still weren’t used to sleeping on a bus, so you woke up around midnight and couldn’t fall back to sleep. Harry tried humming you to sleep, but it didn’t help. Now, at 3:00 p.m. You were trying to take a small nap on the jolting tour bus. After finally starting to doze off you heard a loud bang and a LOT of giggling. Then you heard Harry’s furious whisper,but you couldn’t decipher the words you rolled over, squeezing your eyes shut and groaned.

You heard quiet footsteps waltzing towards yours’ and Harry’s bunk. Just as a marker was lifted to your face you stated, eyes still shut, ” Write on my face and you’re dead.”

Harry’s laughter grew closer. He soon sat on the mattress,rubbing your blonde hair and whispering “You’re so cute!”

You groaned as he kisses your temple. ” Shut up! I’m trying to sleep!” Your muffled voice floated up through the down pillow. All the boys backed off commenting on your hilarious sass. After that you fell asleep. Harry was smart enough though to make sure the boys didn’t write on your face,for which you were happy.

A/N: I am sooooo sorry it took so long. Also sorry it’s short :/ I also feel bad that it is crappy,but i’m not very good at this. Sorry,once again.

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