Random Writing (2)


32. Harry Imagine

Harry Imagine

He walked up to the en suite slowly, hesitantly. He walked in slowly, seeing your open lip gloss on the counter. You always forgot to close it and he’d always laugh and tell you how silly you were for it. The towel strewn haphazardly on the rack catching his eye. He looks past it to the bottle of strawberry shampoo on the edge of the tub, the cap has been left open and its lying on its side so, the pungent pink ooze is dripping down into the massive jacuzzi tub.

This sends him over the edge somehow, the tears falling as he tries to hold back sobs. He steps across the cool tile, kneeling down and straightening the bottle up and shutting the cap. He bites his lip helplessly and stands again, walking out of the en suite into the master bedroom. He looks around, the closet door open. One glance inside to show that one side is now bare, only one thing left in the very bottom.

He walks over carefully, down bending down and scooping it up. A strong whiff of your favorite perfume hits his nose and he looks at the shirt. It’s the oversized t-shirt you love dearly, the shoulders cut so that it hangs low when you wear it. He can imagine you in it, hair down and crazy, only in the shirt and a pair of bright pink panties.

He shakes his head quickly, blinking rapidly as the vivid image dissolves into the empty room again. He pads over to the unmade bed, his footsteps the only sound in the barren house, resonating through the room like a reminder. His tears fall faster as he lays back on your side of the king size bed. The shirt clutched tightly to his chest as he cries into his pillow, only wishing he could apologize.

~The Next Day~

He woke up, body stiff and eyes heavy and tired. He gets up and goes downstairs, hair wild, but he doesn’t even care. He walks into the kitchen only to find you standing there, cooking breakfast.

“[Y/N]….” He starts quietly.

You shake your head quickly. “I may be back, but you owe me a lot more than just a sorry.”

He nods rapidly. “I promise. I will sleep on the couch for a week, be your slave and I swear to never fight with you again!” He pleads.

You know he will do anything, even beg on his knees, so you nod.

“Good start, Styles.” You smile begrudgingly at him and he sighs in relief, running over and hugging you tightly, peppering your face with kisses. Happy to have you back, even though he was in major trouble.

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