Random Writing (2)


13. Harry Imagine for Lily

You were home alone, bored out of your mind due to the fact that you couldn’t go to the huge rager a few blocks over. You had been sick in bed with the flu all week and could barely stand without getting dizzy. Not being able to get up and having no company was enough to drive anyone mad. Your roommate was out at the party and you were laying in bed watching reruns of Teen Wolf and playing on tumblr. After another two hours of this you were ready to throw your phone at the wall. Out of no where a brilliant idea popped into your head. You sent your brother Harry a quick text saying ” I’m sick and bored. Needing cuddles and ice cream;)” There was no reply and within minutes you had given up hope on an answer. Suddenly the loud rap of knuckles on the wood door sounded through the flat. Not being able to stand you called out “Who is it?” There was a hearty chuckle before the familiar voice reached your ears ” Only the bestest brother in the world!” You laughed a bit before responding with “Open the door and join my snooze fest.” The door swung open, Harry barely catching it by the hinges before it slammed clear into the wall. You laughed and he shut the door, kicking his shoes off simultaneously as he sauntered in. “Hello Lily Pad.” You smiled at the nickname and shot back with “Hey Hazpaz.” He laughed and flopped on to your bed, smirking. “So my sis isn’t feeling to hot huh?” You nodded at his query and he pushed a stray strand of hair from your forehead. “Will mint chocolate chip ice cream, all eight seasons of full house, and cuddles make it better?” He asked, fully knowing it would. You nodded speedily and grinned. “I was so bored, I wanted to go to that huge party tonight….” You told him as he handed you a pint of ice cream and a spoon. “Well this will be our party!” He grinned and you nodded in agreement. “Sibling parties rock!” You say with a chuckle, digging your spoon into the frozen goodness. He just smiled and pulled you close, spending the rest of the evening playing with your hair and sharing ice cream while full house played on the larger tv.

A/N: Sorry the ending sucked. I wrote this at two A.M. ….

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