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23. Harry Imagine for Lacey

Harry Imagine For Lacey

Even with being eight months pregnant you still refused to miss this concert. Harry, and pretty much everyone else, tried to persuade you into staying at the hotel and sleeping the day away. Of course, you weren’t having that though.

So, here you are, standing backstage at an infamous one direction concert, watching your boyfriend dance about like an idiot. Happily listening to them banter and sing you plopped down gingerly on an overstuffed sofa that was for the crew.

About halfway through the twitter questions you started to get sharp pains. Being who you are, you just ignored them in favor of watching Harry and the boys make complete fools of themselves.

It wasn’t long later until the pains had grown increasingly closer. You had started to get a bit worried, the twins being at risk. Loud concerts weren’t exactly advised for pregnant women, especially not eight month with twins pregnant.

You let out a short exhale as you forced yourself into a standing position. You waved Paul over.

“Yes, Lacey?” He asked calmly.

You took a deep breath before answering. “I am getting really bad shooting pains in my stomach….”

He nods a bit, eyes widening ever so slightly. “Ok… Uh… How..far apart?” He asks a bit reluctantly.

“Five minutes I am pretty sure…” You replied slowly.

He nods and calls a few crew members over. Muttering some things to them and tromping off to the side of the stage.

You watched as one crew member, Delilah, helped you sit down again. You tapped your foot a bit impatiently, watching as Paul tried his best to get Harry’s attention.

Finally, when Harry noticed he rushed over with a look of concern. Glancing at you every few seconds as he gave quick, curt nods to whatever Paul was saying he slowly made his way over to you.

“Lacey, babe… Paul says you’re in labor…” He says in disbelief as he places his hands gently on your protruding stomach.

You nodded before saying “My water has yet to break though.”

You had, apparently, spoke to soon. For not a moment later a trail of water liquid cascaded down your leg. Your eyes widened extremely and your jaw dropped.

You stayed calm other than that. Harry on the other hand, literal dropped his microphone and everything.

“Oh god.. Uh.. We… We have to get you to the hospital now! Do you need anything!? The bags at home! Paul can get it! Are you in pain?!” He said in such a rush you could barely make the words out, causing you to laugh.

“Calm down! I’m fine. Lets go, calmly.” You reminded him repeatedly to stay calm as he helped you waddle to the car.

The second you arrived at the hospital Harry rushed to your aid and helped you hobble in. It was becoming hard to stand with the constant stabs of unbearable pain.

You got a room quickly, learning not long later that you could push in an hour. Harry had calmed down by now, brushing your hair out of your face and trying to keep you calm.

After about fifteen hours of excruciatingly painful labor, your babies where born. One boy and one girl.

“You did wonderful, Lacey. And the babies are perfect, just like you.” Harry said as tears dropped off his nose.

“More like their father.” You smiled, looking at the small girl in your arms, then to the tiny boy in Harry’s.

"A perfect family." You both mumbled in synchronization.

A/N; Lacey, I am so so so sorry that I took so long with this!!!! I owe you more than this, I am sincerely sorry.

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